Woke Up, World Seems Quieter, Tinnitus Significantly Less Loud Than Usually

Discussion in 'Support' started by Strife_84, Jun 2, 2019.

    1. Strife_84

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      Mixing music for long hours and too loud I guess.
      This is new to me.

      I woke up and it was so silent I even forgot I had it. It's still there but much more silent than usually.

      Also, world seems to be quieter today. As it has been so loud ever since got tinnitus. But today it seems... Quieter.

      What is this?

      I even listened to music yesterday, slightly above normal levels and two days ago I used headphones for few minutes...

      This is strange sensation.

      Tinnitus is still there, even tiny bit of hyperacusis left (it's almost gone). But it's quiet today.

      This has to be a good sign.
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    2. Luman

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      Intermittent Tinnitus probably noise induced
      That is a good sign.

      Nowadays, when I wake up it's usually not quiet, but it takes me quite a while to even notice the noise. If I've gotten a decent amount of sleep, within a few hours of getting up, it usually starts getting a bit quieter and often keeps reducing as the day progresses.
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    3. Jcb
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      December 2017
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      possible TMJ, came on after severe cold and chest infection,
      This is a good sign my man, hope it continues to stay silent for you. All I would say is be careful with loud noise and I know you love to make music but be careful as it could be your tinnitus is going to fade completely or at least stay at a mild level.
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