Working as a Phlebotomist — Scared the Health Industry Makes Me Get Another COVID-19 Vaccination

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ahlstrom, Oct 1, 2021.

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      I got the J&J COVID-19 vaccine and 17 days later I my nearly-non existent tinnitus got way worse. I'm not saying the vax caused it for certain, but I heard that J&J reaches its full effectiveness after 14 days... so I mean, when it happens at 17 days how can I do anything but come to a conclusion that it must be the vaccine? What other possible explanation could there be?

      It caused me great suffering for 2 weeks, but luckily it has largely subsided now.

      I may be working in the medical field soon as a phlebotomist and am still terrified, however, that they will want me to get another dose one day. And I'm scared it will make it worse. I'm scared it won't subside this next time. I'm scared with being faced with being fired or taking a tinnitus lotto ticket.

      I know I struggle with catastrophic thinking and mental illness, so it may all sound absurd.

      I talked to my father on the phone yesterday to kind of let him put my mind on straight; and he encouraged me to take the job if they hire me, and not worry about it until anything actually happens.

      What are your thoughts? I'm tempted just to deny the job entirely or bring up the question "Are you going to require me to get another vaccination? Because it seriously has caused me great mental distress by making my tinnitus 50 times worse." during the interview but am too scared...

      I'm interested to hear your opinions and how you would handle it.
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      I'd say be honest with them without getting into the mental health issues. Just tell them that you are not opposed to vaccines, which is why you received one. But you can't risk worsening tinnitus with another one. I haven't heard any news of requiring booster shots, anyway. Or take the job and deal with the issue later (using the same approach: honesty), when they might be more receptive bc they will know you, and presumably like having you as an employee. I would be surprised if they ever mandate boosters anyway, so you may be worrying for nothing.
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