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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jaydee123, Nov 21, 2016.

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      don't know
      Got T out of the blue about 10 years, and was so distraught that I searched and tried *everything under the sun*.

      You name it and I tried, from hyperbaric to anti-alcoholism treatment drugs. I would arguably say, that there was not a single this left untried, and then some. Nothing worked.

      At the beginning clonazepam helps and then habituation does the trick. Now it's essentially nothing to be concerned about.

      A little trick that helps quiet it down is getting a cheap crinkly supermarket plastic bag, making a ball with your hand and crunching it in your closed hand over your ears. That specific sound completely masks it and for a few blissful seconds after you stop, the T becomes somewhat silent...ahhh heaven.

      Don't blow money running about looking for treatments. Stay away from T sites, forums, etc.

      Don't talk to anyone about it, forget doctors, etc., keep it to yourself and in a few weeks you will habituate.

      But the key is to stop reading or talking about it with anyone.
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    2. Champ

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      Acoustic trauma from headphones
      This is pretty much how my dad handles it.

      Out of curiosity, how did you find this site?
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    3. The Red Viper

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      March 15, 2016
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      Current Theory: Neck injury (Tendonitis @ trap/SCM junction)
      If people with cancer or ebola said that they'd all be dead...
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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      Maybe so, but tinnitus is neither cancer nor ebola.
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