Worsening Tinnitus Due to Orgasm

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ricky_1, Nov 23, 2015.

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      This post has adult talk....

      Hi, my names rick. and I've had Tinnitus and hyperacusis for about over 2 years but around may of this year I've noticed my T has been really acting out when i would orgasm due to sex or masterbating yes i know kind of embarrassing but were all adults here it also starts acting out a little by just getting aroused and i don't mean erected either. it wouldn't due that before but ever since that first time my T has been getting worse and i don't mean temporary either i mean permanent damage for what ever reason every time i orgasm. i would say i had a healthy sex life before this happened around 2-4 times a week sex/masterbating... but ever since may and every time i did orgasm the next day i would wake up bad like my head, ears burning ears aching and my pitch a little louder. i thought it would go away but it never did and everytime i did it again it would just go up some more again.. so i had to kinda stop, i figured it was my orgasming it had to be what else could had it been, so i controlled it thought maybe if i didn't go at it to often it would calm down or die down so i went 2 weeks and nope still did damaged it and i went 1 month and nope more damage and I'm not a freaking monk I'm human i got needs its hard i can go for a while but eventually it builds up again so i gotta take care of it. it sucks its like my body urging me to do it when my T and H don't want to. my T has increased so many times and picked up new tones due to this problem and I've also been noticing my t becoming reactive to noise now and affecting me badly.. wtf is happening here...i read a girls post about her masterbating 60 times a day now thats crazy. and she said that her T was worsening every time from it too. does anyone know maybe why this is happening. I've also read that after orgasm our brains release a chemical cocktail of all kind of drugs I'm thinking thats maybe whats causing it? i have no idea. i went to a doctor and a ent they had no idea about that. but they are worthless so i don't know where to go about this.if anyone has any suggestions please let me know
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      Hi Ricky,
      Thank you for your post and rightly so ,a natural body response after making love or pleasuring yourself.

      The blood flow increases and blood pressure goes up and the emotional climax sends emotional signals high and that is the same part of the brain where tinnitus comes from so your body releases all this in a short space of time and a nice shock to your system.
      May be a long relaxing bath and winding down after but im sure for some feel full of the joys of spring after .....lots of love glynis
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      Once saw advice of an ENT, who said people with T should avoid any kind of straining. It can cause microscopic rupture and fluid leaks in inner ear. It can be a really delicate problem. As an example of this type of condition, look up "perilymph fistula."
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      wow this might be my problem... and might explain why my T and H keep getting worse and T just reacts to everything i also get fluid running out of my ears when i hear something that my ears react to also get headaches and ear pain..

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