Worsening Tinnitus, Possibly from ETD or TMJ — Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Re_kay, Jun 30, 2018.

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      2010 (worsening in 2018)
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Inner ear infection - 2010; worsening in 2018 - possible TMJ
      Hi everyone,

      I am new to this forum but not new to tinnitus unfortunately. I developed tinnitus in 2010 after suffering from sudden hearing loss in the left ear from a viral infection. A course of prednisone helped improve my hearing and lowered my tinnitus. Since then, my tinnitus became something that didn't bother me anymore and I didn't have any ear issues- until now.

      Earlier this month (June 9th), when I woke up in the morning, my neck was pretty stiff. I was stretching it out in the shower (STUPID mistake) and got water in both ears. After that my ears were a nightmare. I had fullness in my left ear, pain and itchiness in both ears, and worsening tinnitus. The worsened tinnitus was so distressing, especially because I started to hear it in my right ear as well. The ENT I saw checked both ears and said there was no sign of an infection, and we did a hearing test. Thankfully my hearing was stable since the last test (even had a slight improvement- yay!), but because the hearing test was stable, he brushed me off even though I still had all of the symptoms I mentioned. I tried a course of prednisone with my GP, but unfortunately it didn't help my tinnitus the way it did before.

      I finally saw another ENT because I still had the symptoms and the other ENT kept ignoring my concerns. He said the symptoms and worsening tinnitus could be due to TMJ (he was also kind of suspecting ETD), so he referred me to see a dentist. I didn't have any jaw pain, but he noticed that my jaw clicked. He gave me a prescription of Flonase nasal spray and mometasone ointment for the itchiness, and today was my first day using it. For those of you going through something similar, I used this youtube link to properly administer the Flonase in a way to get to my eustachian tubes:

      Dr. Gregory Abbas: The Proper Use of Nasal...

      Since the worsened tinnitus is fairly new, is there anything I can do now to prevent it from becoming permanent? I just want the tinnitus to go back to the baseline level that I was used to for years:( I read some research on gingko, magnesium, and acupuncture possibly working. I read something about ACRN and was wondering if someone could go into detail about that- could it possibly help? ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have an appointment with an audiologist about possibly getting a hearing aid to see if that can help the tinnitus; if there's any suggestions about a treatment that I can discuss with my audiologist that would also be great. I just desperately want to fix this and bring it back down. Thank you all for your support and advice!
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