Worst Case of Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by bigboyron373, Aug 25, 2016.

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      Bass exposure
      Hey guys,

      Since around 2010 I have had horrible tinnitus. I was around 13 years old at the time and I got in my friends brother's car which would later turn into horrible pain of having to deal with tinnitus. I was a very shy kid at the time and wanted to fit in and did not ask him to turn the music down (horrible mistake I know). So I got in the back seat right were his sub woofers were and we start driving. He then turned up the bass extremely loudly for around 25 minutes of the car ride. It was extra horrible since I was right in front of his speakers! I didn't even plug my ears because I wanted to act cool about it. After the drive was over, I stepped out of his car and it felt like my ears were bleeding. Thankfully, they were not bleeding.

      Fast forward to today and I can now hear it in the shower and have 3 tones on full blast throughout the day. I have the normal tv static, crickets, and Morse code in my right ear. On top of this, I have horrible anxiety that I got from my mother and from life experiences while growing up. I find it's very difficult to deal with this anxiety throughout the day and night.

      So I want to know, do I have the worst case of tinnitus here or does someone else have it worse?
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      Ear infection
      My husband has told me he went shooting one time without hearing protection and he had ringing so bad he couldn't even hear anyone speak. He said he could see their mouth moving but no words or noise. He said that was for a couple days. Now he has ringing but nowhere near that but he can hear it most places and it's "effortless" to tune it out.
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      I had just started to get used to my T when suddenly it has reached a new peak so loud i cannot sleep It is a wicked pure tone like feedback . So loud i cannot hear any ambient noise . So loud it actually hurts . So loud i have wished to be dead.Sometimes it drops in volume during the day but at night it RAGES and i cannot sleep .It is beyond bad.
      This is so cruel as only last werk I thought i had habituated and felt i had beaten it .
      You are not alone. I reckon there will be others even worse than us. Try to keep going . You never know , one day it may stop or they may find a cure . You are young enough for that to happen in your lifetime. Best of luck ... I am always willing to chat privately to any fellow sufferer . It helps to share.

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