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      Loud music + dental cares + stress
      Hello everyone

      I'm new to this forum and I wanted to create a topic where everyone can share theirs T experiences , the things they tried to deal with it , what work's , what doesn't , what to avoid ? ... and so on. This aim to bring new perspectives for each of us.

      My story
      I'm a French student in Osteopathy (holistic therapy) in England. 22 year old.
      I listen music everyday , it's one of my biggest interest. I've been to many festival in the past (especially Techno and Psytrance , the loud one ........)
      I've got this lovely noise in my left hear since 7 month. It started during a stressful moment where I had to go back to France every week for dental problems. I also started a new job in a nightclub (loud music , crazy peoples , intense shifts..). When I was in France , the day before my dental appointment I party with loud music for 4hours , I was very very tired that night. The day after I've been to the dentist and back to England my tinnitus start 2-3 after.

      The cause of my tinitus can be either :

      -from the dentist interventions I had (The upper teeth being connected directly to the skull , which had a indirect link with the biomechanics of the brain). Also the TMJ because during dental work the jaws is placed in funy positions that can compressed your temporal bones (bone of your skull where lie your middle ear cavity)

      - from all the loud music my ears have been exposed (very likely)

      -Stress related because of my recent increase pace of life with the job , the clinic and the school ( this routine took me more energy than usual)

      - Or maybe a bit of everything ..

      Treatment and management :

      I tried Cranial osteopathy / dental osteopathy / Acunpucture in England : They didn't have a positive effect on my T. Also they did help a bit rebalancing my body which indirectly has helped me dealing with it.
      - I took food supplement (Spirulin , zinc , magnesium and brewers yeast ) which didn't help with my T.
      -I start meditation which at the time really helped me to accept this new noise in my ear. I will recommend people to try , it's a website with guided meditation which has a 10 days free program. It basically help you doing an introspection on each of your body part , it make you mindful about yourself which I think help to deal with T.
      -I removed all of my wisdom teeth , which I tough a the beginning decreased the level of sound of the T. But with time the initial level of sound was back (Placebo .. ?)
      - I buy earplug for music gigs which are quite effective and doesn't change the music quality ( These are for the management of the T.
      - I had an amazing girlfriend at the time which has a very positive effect on my life and therefore on my tinnitus. Once we broke up the noise in my ear was perceived stronger ... so yes LOVE is the answer my friend :) , having a good social life is also very important for the management of my T. If I stayed home alone for too long I get sad and more self conscience about the T.
      - I recently start a Candida diet (No sugar , no yeast , no carbs) which drastically improve my quality of life in two weeks (better digestion , feeling of stability and control , better sleep). SO indirectly he did help with T.
      - Sport and Sauna also indirectly helped me dealing with it

      Aggravating factors : - Smoking cannabis used to make the sound much louder !
      - Being Stress and tired
      - Loud music
      -Sugar , alcohol and other excitants
      -Junk food ! (Avoid food with monosodium glutamate , its has been showed that it damage the ear)

      Today my Tinnitus is quite loud , it's exam period , I broke up with my girlfriend 1 month ago which make life different ...
      I recently find out about Acoustic CR Neuromodulation which sound like a nice area to explore , one of my teacher have the device so I'm gonna interview him soon for some feedback.

      Please share your own experience
      I think it's important to remember that there is a Tinnitus community.
      Let's make the best out of it .
      Let's convert our bad energies into good one !
      And let's the change begin !

      I hope you a quiet day.

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