Zolpidem aka Ambien Makes My Tinnitus Temporarily Bearable

Discussion in 'Support' started by Niel S., Apr 17, 2018.

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      Yesterday when I tried to go to sleep my tinnitus was really bad. In a quiet environment I hear it better. So I took one zolpidem pill which is a sleeping medication. I was amazed because it looked like my tinnitus was temporarily quieter. I think it was not quieter but it seemed so because under influence of benzo's you don't care anymore. When sober I was kind of freaking out about it so my anxiety level dropped. I still could hear my tinnitus but it didn't bother me.

      This made me realize, the way you deal with your tinnitus has a big influence. Don't try to focus on the sound. I know it's hard but just live your life like nothing happened. The more you focus on the sound and try to fight it, the harder it becomes.
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      Noise or maybe... unicorns!
      Ambien is actually not a Benzo, but it certainly might have similar sedative effects which is why it may assist with your tinnitus.
      Yup. That's exactly why anxiety medications are a good choice for doctors to help us deal with the condition.

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