Aug 24, 2018
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    1. peggie smith
      peggie smith
      Well I definitely can go on personal experience than that my ADD did clear up when I went on a Paleo diet. It totally affected my brain chemistry or Nero transmitters.
    2. peggie smith
      peggie smith
      the brain is a complicated machine and connected to the gut.. I cleared up my ADD by eating a Paleo diet. If I can improve that, well maybe it can help my T because that is a brain thing too! GOOGLE DR. WAHLS.. she had MS and through research she found medicine in food. I am praying for you.
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      2. AZeurotuner
        Don't mean to be a downer, but Dr. Wahls also underwent chemo and electrical stimulation to treat her MS, it wasn't just diet. And to date no one has been able to replicate her results.
        Dec 27, 2018
      3. AZeurotuner
        Widely known quack to be frank.
        Dec 27, 2018
    3. peggie smith
      peggie smith
      Jemina... are you still with us? At 6 months I was just like you. So depressed and suicidal. I even asked my husband if we could come up with an ‘exit plan.’ PLEASE know that your body and mind will compensate for the sound. Yes you will have spikes but they decrease.. you will learn how to cope. What helped me is to distract myself by taking up a new healthy lifestyle..
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    4. Jemina
      I just want to hear silence again
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    5. Jemina
      So loud :(
    6. Natester1986
      Is your tinnitus still lower since last week?
      1. Jemina
        Nope.. now it's worse than ever before :( I've been having a bad flu and sinus issues... they worsen my T
        Oct 5, 2018
      2. Natester1986
        That's no good. Also, don't go to an ENT because it could make your tinnitus much worse. dpdx found this out the hard way this past January.
        Oct 5, 2018
        Jemina likes this.
    7. Jemina
      Tinnitus suddenly lower - can't trust this - usually comes back with a vengeance!
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      2. OnceUponaTime
        Just enjoy the time that is lower! Tomorrow you dont know what will bring.
        Sep 12, 2018
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    8. Jemina
      So many sleepless nights >.<
      1. Equalizer likes this.
    9. Jemina
      Severe T + H.. And PET making this unbearable. Hearing my own heartbeat and breathing in my ears is just too much to handle. Own voice hurts
    10. Jemina
      Coffee - friend or foe
      1. housemzk
        best friend. good beans with a french press.
        Sep 5, 2018
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    11. Jemina
      Bad spike I'm losing it
      1. Holly1987
        Stay strong Jemina xx
        Sep 2, 2018
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    12. threefirefour
      Now that's what I call a cute cat
      1. Jemina likes this.
      2. Bill Bauer
        Bill Bauer
        Agreed. And so is the cat on @Rob3r7 's avatar.
        Aug 30, 2018
        threefirefour likes this.
    13. Jemina
      Damn you, hyperacusis..
    14. Jemina
      Severe anxiety from loud tinnitus ;(
      1. TheDanishGirl
        :( sorry to hear. Hope the T will lower soon. Use masking sounds of nature on youtube, it can help a litte.
        Aug 28, 2018
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