Dec 21, 2019
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    1. serendipity1996
      Hey, did your face pain issues from hyperacusis ever improve? I remember you saying you experienced some nasty symptoms from it
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      2. serendipity1996
        Fantastic! I am around the same as you, 7-8 months now and it has definitely improved a lot. Ear burning and pain went away by April but I have still been dealing with lingering trigeminal forehead tightness. It's trending in the right direction but still fluctuates-
        2 weeks ago it was virtually gonr and now it's returned. It's exacerbated by noise but also seems to act up on its own. Hope I am not an edge case.
        Jul 24, 2020
      3. serendipity1996
        Is progress linear or more up and down (whilst trending in the right direction) for you?
        Jul 24, 2020
      4. ShaunR
        Sorry to jump on your post. I'm a month in and the burning has already almost gone (Praying it doesn't come back). Still got facial tightness and now my back wisdom teeth are now sore. This is all on my right hand side. From what ive read (Horror stories aside) most people improve if not have all there symptoms go away. Seems like everyone improves in a non linear way too.
        Jul 25, 2020
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    I cry and I cry, but I drink lots of water so it’s ok.
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