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Discussion in 'Support' started by Grace, Nov 14, 2014.

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      So i just looked at the calender.. And realized
      Today was the day i got T a year ago... A summary of a year with mine is i can mostly say its gone because as i have said before i can only hear it in a completely silent room so living with it the past year was like living without it.. Except the fact that i have panic and gad disorder so i did alot of worrying/panic over concerns and fear of worrsening like we all do and that part still kills me. My heart really goes out to all of you that are staying strong with this and that have it worse. Although my T is barely there i cant say im a success story cause the "thought" of it kills me. Im not a very strong person and i can honestly say that i have never been so scared of something in my life. I had fleeting T 5 times today for only a 1-2 sec each and i immediately jumped into panic mode and had to take a pill to calm me down. I know fleeting t is normal but somehow everytime it happens i think " my T is worrsening". Maybe i need counselling idk what i need but the worst part about it is that in the past year ive read so much about tinnitus as we all have and feel like i know more then any doctor. You cant trust what there gonna give you, they can be incompetent and overall no one understands it without having it. I guess i feel so alone with my fears and i know your all here but it sucks when friends/family dont get it. Im proud of myself for protecting my ears the past year the best i could, ofcorse there were dishes dropped accidently, doors slammed, fireworks, and i realised that my T never spiked but i would get more reaccuring fleeting T :-/ so im thinking it has to be connected. All in all i try to stay positive with my fears and live normally, but deep down i dont feel normal. I care too much of others and feel i dont get that back. Lifes a rollercoaster, i could die tonmorrow and i try and live by that everyday. I want to thank everyone on here that has helped me over the last year, your all wonderful souls and we will all get our victory one day. This too shal pass. I went through a breakup, and my mom told me take one day at a time, and i guess thats all i can do with any issue in life. Never giving up the thought of a cure for this cause i know it will happen. God bless you all!
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      not sure
      Glad that your T is quiet. Don't worry about the fleeting T. It doesn't hurt you. Treat those as any sounds coming from outside. Try to normal it. I know having GAD is hard. I suffered from GAD & panic disorder for decades before T. So I know it is hard but it is still livable. Have got to learn to be positive and count our blessings. Every day I walk around outside thanking God at least I have eyes to see, feet to walk, ears to hear, etc etc. You know we can't take the good things for granted. Focus on the positives and life will be easier. Take care.
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      Benzo + loud noise
      Wow...you are one of the lucky ones ! Be happy :)
      Dont mean to disregard your troubles , just saying , be glad that you do not have screaming T.
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      After about 20 years with my T friend, the only time I hear it is when I read these articles or I talk about it to a friend. Yes it does hinder my hearing, especially children and higher toned women. It had been several days since I heard the "crickets" until I started reading the comments here. I am still looking for the day when I read of something that will diminish my T. I did read an article the other day about the reason for the noise is the nerves that pass through skull bone being squeezed by the bone. That does make some sense to me.
      Enjoy the quiet moments!!

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