13 Weeks In. Taking a Break From the Forum.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Matt01, Mar 7, 2015.

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      So at 13 weeks I thought I would give an update and then take a break from the forum. This place has been great for support and I really appreciate the valuable input and time people com it, including the Drs. However, the double edge here is you keep thinking about it, and some threads are occasionally unhelpful, so I think a few months away before updating is a good suggestion for me now.

      For most of the first 3 months I would say I have been a 2 or 3 out of 10. The morse code like fast beeping I have had is often distant and is fairly easily masked during the day to the extent I don't really notice it unless very quiet. On a night when it's quieter it is a bit more prominent. I would say however over the last week or so it has dropped to around a 1/10, where I can only hear it quite distantly. Whether this is linked to measures I have taken, or it's just zoning it out, it is hard to say, but it does feel quieter.

      What have I done? So far I have had 7 HBOT sessions, and I will probably leave it at that. I started around week 8 through to week 12, doing a couple each week when time allowed. I don't really believe much in the dietary changes impacting things, as there is literally no evidence to support this, however I do take a small magnesium supplement and have started eating lots of bananas for the magnesium and potassium. The only other thing I have done is cut down on caffeine, and of late have been drinking chamomile tea. I am of course hoping things continue to improve, and will probably do another update in a few months.

      Best wishes.
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      update us in a couple months! keep your chin up (i try too) good luck!
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      Thats great Matt! :) What is HBOT?
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      Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. Breathing pure oxygen at pressure in a tank.
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      Good luck with the break, I think it can help to reduce or stop exposure to all T related stuff and not have the brain obsess too much over it, I think it has helped me a bit, or I have imagined it has :p

      oh yeah and btw you developed t the day before I did!! Mine was the Saturday, you could have at least somehow tried to warn me or something, jeez
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      Am signing off with just one other thought. Great and informative as it is, I don't think this forum is fully representative of tinnitus and reaction to it on a broader scale. Over these last couple of months I have spoken to many people, and am amazed how many people have said they either have this (and then casually plugged their ears and said 'ow yeah, still there...'), or some people who have had it for periods and it has gone. Clearly it is possible for it to go based on some of the people I have spoken to.
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    7. @Matt01, I think you are very right here. This forum is a great resource of knowledge but also holds a lot of anxiety in it. For a newbie it´s easy to think that when having T you must be full of anxiety. T for sure feeds anxiety but it isn´t all black or White.

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