15 Days In and Still Standing

Discussion in 'Support' started by Forever hopeful, Sep 9, 2015.

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      2015 resolved, 4/20 L ear, increase 2/21
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      2015,noise,2020-21 SNHL
      Relatively new here. T arrived 15 days ago. Two days after I attended a loud concert (outdoor) and the same day as bilateral middle ear fluid was discovered that will not resolve. That said, T is probably related to the concert as it was really loud and there was a speaker a few rows ahead of us which we did not realize until later in the evening. Had no idea when we got the tickets. Bummer. Just my luck. The others there with me are fine thankfully.

      I experience my T as a high pitched magnetic hum or ring I guess, with a strange tone or sensation that sounds or feels like a muffled decrease in acuity of sound. So strange. I hear it when quiet. I hate it. It scares me. It causes me massive amounts of anxiety. And loss of sleep. And loss of my sense of normal well being. Even when I do not hear T, it occupies a lot of space in my mind. Preoccupation is a good word. Or maybe an obsession but wait, this is a success story.

      I am still standing. In the last 15 days, I have also managed to work, throw a goodbye party for my son and his class on their last day of Pre-K, throw a birthday party for my older son, get the kids' hair cut, grocery shop, do laundry, socialize with friends on our boat, take my mother-in-law out to dinner ( made the restaurant turn the music down) and get the kids ready to start school. Heck I even got a pedicure. Salons have lots of ambient noise.

      What has helped :

      This forum and all the support that I have received, especially from the success stories that give me hope that I will survive this somehow.

      Masking. I am lucky that ambient noise masks my T well. And I am all about the noise. TV, musicon low in the car, AC, the dishwasher, fans, washing machine. Anything yo keep background noise going. I do well outside. Lots of noise. I may move into a tent.

      Sleep and anxiety meds. They help a lot.

      Finding resources. And there isn't much. I live near Boston where there are some of the best medical and specialty care facilities in the world. Even Mass Eye and Ear had nothing for me. They are doing research but that is it. There is one MD who specializes in T at Mass General Hospital and she is not taking new patients. Very discouraging. But I did find an audiologist who specializes in T about 45 minutes away and I am seeing her next week to discuss TRT.

      Tomorrow I get my hearing checked. I am nervous and my mom and a little Ativan are going with me for support. I do not feel like I have experienced any loss but who knows. One ENT said this should be temporary as my exposure was limited but he did not know when it might reslove. Although I am hopeful, I am not banking on it.

      So this is where I am at 15 days in. Moving forward one day at a time. Trying to not let this beat me. That is all we can do.

      Hope this is helpful to any newcomers. Best to all.
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