16 kHz Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Booger, May 30, 2016.

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      Whenever I play tones around 16 khz, it causes my T to recede with residual inhibition. Does this mean my T is in that range? I had a hearing test when I went to the ENT, and they say my hearing is ideal, or even better, for a 21 year old. They didn't notice any pressure problems in my ear. I can hear the sound over everything, it's not loud, but it's extremely piercing and distinct.
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      Idk but they probably didn't test you up to 1600hz.
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      You should see if you can get a high frequency hearing test. My only really obnoxious T is around 14khz and tends to be more left sided than right; lo and behold I have a threshold drop on the left between 13 and 15khz. It's actually not that bad, maybe a 10db difference between ears, but there you go.
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      AC electrics, wifi, WLAN, DVB-T, GSM, UMTS, .... plus LSD.
      same here, also 16 khz tinnitus.

      i suspect wifi = WLAN.

      when i monitor* my body voltage
      versus ground [via heating tubes],
      i can see spikes / bursts
      of few seconds length
      in the 16khz band.

      * to monitor body voltage,
      i use the 'mic in' port of my tablet,
      to connect my body and 'signal ground' [not power ground]
      and analyze with the android app 'soundanalyzer'.

      i speculate,
      the wifi radiation [2.4GHz]
      in the body is converted [frey effect, radio frequency hearing]
      to the lower frequency of 16kHz.

      right now, there are 24 active accesspoints
      all in the 2.4GHz band,
      and the two strongest compete for the same channel = both must talk louder.
      monitored on windows 10, with

      i speculate further,
      this relation of frequencies
      also can be seen
      in the conversion / scaling between
      binaural beats = audio stimulation, healing music
      TENS, CES, .... = electrostimulation, electroanalgesia, brainwave tuning, electroacupuncture, electrosex, healing with electroshocks.
      >> electric vs acoustic frequencies.

      electric = optic,
      cos the 'hidden radiation' we talk about
      are photon particles,
      with frequencies / wavelengths
      in the sub-infrared spectrum.
      so i also call it 'light pollution',
      or 'infrared noise',
      which CAN be SEEN on hallucinogenic drugs,
      like LSD, DMT, mescaline, 2C, MDPV, DOM, etc.
      especially in the dark.

      i can hear 'electric noise' with my eyes.
      when i focus antennas or electric devices,
      my tinnitus gets louder.
      i can exactly tell the direction of the source.
      on the other hand,
      i can consciously regulate my tinnitus, louder and smaller.
      its the same motion / muscle, like when i 'force focus' with my eyes
      [stare, staring eyes -- instead of my normal 'lazy look' = peripheral vision = blind = audiophile = electrosensible.]

      .... this 'gift and curse'
      developed in a 'bad trip' on LSD,
      where i was inside a RF-polluted home,
      with no music, and no light.
      big mistake.
      probably the worst place for 'sensory deprivation',
      when the 'noise floor' is so polluted, and not 'floory' or analog at all, but much more 'spikey' and digital.

      one thing, which 'electric noise' prevents / ruins / sabotages
      is 'ecstatic body moves' = body shaking, body quaking, sacred ecstatics, tension and trauma release, neurogenic tremors, healing epilepsy, rapid eye movement, restless leg syndrome .... it forces the whole body [all muscles] to freeze, and only allows 'gross motion' [gross motor skills, gross motor activity] but NOT 'fine motion' and NOT 'tremor motion'.

      .... so it blocks the body's own 'repair functions' = self healing, self regulation, self organization, dreaming, good sleep. = orgasm denial, force sickness on poor people.

      [ for example, they offer 'opiate detox' programs, with CES devices, to stimulate your body's endorphin release systems .... which can also be done with 'ecstatic shaking'. but both require a silent setting, with ZERO electric noise, which would block / prevent hormone regulation. ]

      .... which creates demand / desire / need / dependency, for 'synthetic medicine', pharma drugs, plastic healers.

      .... and which makes 'weak bodies' in 'potential threats to the state' = communists, workers, poor people in 'council flats' [paid with public money]. the people, who profit from tax money simply hate competition. when they are 'in stress', they look for poor/weak people to blame, who also profit from 'public money' but are 'less worthy' than public servants / state officers. like in 'concentration caps' they are used for 'legal torture', silent rape, legal terror, hidden torture, systroll.

      its also an honeypot for heretics = critics in public. cos who speaks about 'electric noise' and 'real causes of tinnitus' IN PUBLIC, is instantly labeled noncredible, incredible, implausible, bad example, traitor, snitch, whistleblower, killjoy, party pooper, pessimist, black messenger, bad news teller .... heretic. unworthy for survival, unfit for conspiracy, excluded from 'the chosen ones', doomed to a life in the 'outer circle' = victims, melancholics, less worthy, feminine, domestic, private, outsiders.

      as for defense,
      i prefer 'body grounding' as cheapest method.
      with 'silver socks' or good connection to 'kidney 1' points on foot soles,
      with DIRECT connection to 'signal ground' = heating tubes.
      instead of 'silver socks', you also can use 'elastic wrist straps' with silver.
      direct = no 'security resistor' [100 kilo-ohm with earthing, 1 mega-ohm with ESD.]
      for more security, you need a 5mA fuse [horribly expensive, about 30USD for one fuse. resistance is around 300 ohm, still better than security resistor.]
      in earthing and ESD, resistors are embedded in the plugs at both sides of the cables.

      additionally, if you have more money,
      shield ALL your windows
      with 'yshield HNV80' = strongest and cheapest shielding fabric,
      20 USD per square meter, around 80dB attenuation [65....90dB]
      which also must be GROUNDED
      with low-impedance connection to 'signal ground'.
      connecting the material is a little hard, you need high pressure for good contact.

      #syscrit #esmog #enoise #eterror #e16khz #16khz #pharma #tinnitus #medicine #wifi #freyeffect #rfhearing #dchome #detox #selfhelp #defense #release #fts #escape #systroll #legalterror #silentrape #hiddentorture

      here a clip from my 'body voltage spectrum' around 16khz.

      here the voltage spectrum
      of 'ungrounded reinforced concrete'
      = concrete with metal grid inside, which is [obviously] NOT grounded.
      bad design, broken by design ....
      here you also can see the 16khz spike.
      60dB RMS is the loudest i have seen so far ....
      its also the biggest ungrounded metal structure around.
      20170329_myProject_090548 decke haken.png
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      AC electrics, wifi, WLAN, DVB-T, GSM, UMTS, .... plus LSD.
      [ edit time expired, so new reply. ]

      a more 'normal' interpretation of 16khz noise
      would be 'horizontal scanning frequency' for video transmission.
      aka 'horizontal scan rate', or 'line frequency'.

      when i am around analog television monitors,
      tinnitus gets louder,
      and when i plug on the TV, and turn it on .... FEEEEEEEEP. extreme loud. pure torture.

      wiki: In analog television systems the horizontal frequency
      is between 15.625 kHz and 15.750 kHz.

      but this does NOT match my body voltage, and the short spikes for few seconds.

      but PROBABLY,
      electric noise [of higher frequency] hits analog television devices,
      and there is converted to around 16kHz,
      cos that is the resonance frequency of the horizontal coils ....

      mystery solved?
      must i visit all my neighbors now? -____-

      a workaround would be,
      to ground all pins of the TV's power plug,
      and switching the device on.

      [ this also works with my laptop power supply.
      generally, ground ALL metal in your home.
      also your bath tub, or kitchen sink .... ]


      another candidate,
      are 'unterminated cable TV terminals'.

      you can terminate unused antenna sockets
      with 75ohm coaxial termination dummy load.

      but again,
      visit all my neighbors? naah -____-


      another 'funny thing'.

      my nails = finger nails + toe nails
      seem to EMIT my tinnitus tone.

      when i push my nails into a soft pillow,
      tinnitus becomes weaker ....

      but i must dampen all my nails.

      is this why girls put paint on their nails?
      is this my 'sending antenna' for telepathy?
      i have rather long nailbeds .... sign of phlegmatic tempo = e1 fire + e4 water.

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    6. mila.nautikus

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      AC electrics, wifi, WLAN, DVB-T, GSM, UMTS, .... plus LSD.
      more problems?

      switched power strips.
      switched power strip. wiki 800px-Socket_5.jpg
      they only switch one pole [bad design],
      and if you plug them wrong,
      you end up with the 'live pole' on
      and the 'neutral pole' off ....

      live pole = phase = hot = plus = not neutral = charged.

      so your devices
      receive full voltage [from dirty AC grid]
      but current is zero,
      cos connection to 'neutral pole' is switched off.

      [ it is the live pole,
      which sends most radiation. ]

      and cos people like to be lazy
      and switch off all devices with one click,
      all the devices are switched on,
      and in the 'worst case' still connected to the live pole.


      you can see this with a 'phase tester'
      if its glowing when switch is off,
      you plugged it wrong.

      the light in the switch
      gives false security.

      +1 for 'not idiot safe'.


      as for sources of esmog,
      cheap switch mode power supplies
      cheap solar inverters.

      mostly solar inverters,
      cos they are 'legally allowed'
      to produce more noise
      than is allowed inside 'human living rooms',
      cos they are operated
      'in secure distance' to humans.

      they just wanted to make cheap inverters,
      so many people buy them.


      cheap = unfiltered power electronics,
      which spread harmonic overtones
      over the whole AC power grid.

      but electric filters
      with coils and capacitors
      only can attenuate noise.


      to completely get rid off noise,
      you need a
      motor generator set.
      motor generator set. rotierender umformer satz. menzel-motors.com.jpg

      motor on the dirty side,
      generator on the clean side.

      both motor and generator
      run with
      three-phase AC power,
      but the generator
      only produces
      clean fundamental oscillation.


      but as always ....

      mass production --versus-- quality of product.

      you cant have both.

      there are good reasons,
      why 'designer hardware'
      is so expensive.
      cos that is the real cost,
      with zero hidden cost.
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    7. mila.nautikus

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      AC electrics, wifi, WLAN, DVB-T, GSM, UMTS, .... plus LSD.
      so .... more clarity now.

      i did some more voltage tests.

      1. water tubes seem to be the best 'signal ground'.
      coldwater, warmwater and heater circulation seem to be equally good,
      even if the tube segments are connected via teflon or other non-metallic sealants.

      2. steel concrete seems to be grounded.

      3. what does make problems, is our AC mains voltage.

      4. going 'off grid' completely, even disconnecting 'power ground'
      does not stop 'electric noise' completely.
      we here are surrounded by many close neighbors,
      and many broadcast antennas (WLAN, DVB-T, GSM, UMTS, ....),
      which ALL are powered with the same 'dirty electricity',
      so chances are good, they are all amplitude-modulated, with 'HF noise' from the power grid.

      phase real vs idea 2017-04-28.png
      ^ real green vs. ideal white.
      current via 1 mega-ohm [phase tester],
      from 'live pole' to 'neutral pole' or 'signal ground'.
      [both grounds give the same oscigram. weird?]
      here are two 16khz spikes in one 50hz wave.
      the spikes are clipped here,
      in other plots they are higher and sharper.

      20170425_myProject_212454 raam oscigram phasetester vs airgnd H500.edit.cut.png
      ^ real green vs. ideal white/red.
      voltage at 'live pole' versus 'air ground'.
      the 'best guess' for real green signal, seems to be the red ideal line,
      which starts left in medium height,
      and runs parallel to green, in left middle and right of the graph.
      red lines would be 'three phase rotary voltage'.
      and, white lines would be 'idle current' from inductive loads.
      here you see only one 16khz spike.
      16khz / 50hz = 320,
      so the spike is 320 times steeper, than the fundamental oscillation.


      my setup, to get the 'oscillogram' / oscigram of AC mains.

      [ only follow, if you REALLY KNOW what you are doing.
      contact with 'live poles' can be deadly in the worst case. ]

      the black cable goes to my tablet ....
      osci sensor P1050153.cut.jpg

      signal path.

      signal (+- 340 volts peak = +- 240 volts RMS)
      --> phase tester (resistance 1 mega-ohm + small glow lamp*)
      --> 'microphone in' pin, of the headphone jack, in my samsung tablet*.

      the 'ground pin' was connected directly to 'signal ground' / siggnd [water pipe],
      or left 'floating' = 'not connected' = 'air ground' / airgnd.

      * the 'glow lamp' could introduce distortion, cos of small inductance = coil shape.
      more tests to follow.

      * headphone jack pinout. different vendors have different pinouts.
      see here
      4-pin 3.5mm headset connector. 9w2svt.blogspot.de.png


      so .... back to topic.

      why 16 kilohertz?

      cos that is the 'switching frequency' of 'power electronics',

      on both sides of the power grid,
      in cheap 'solar inverters' = unfiltered digital DC-to-AC-converters,
      and in cheap 'switch mode power supplies' on the consumer side.

      they all contribute to HF noise in the power grid.

      solar inverters are especially loud,
      cos the are except of
      'FCC standards for home or office use'
      cos the inverters are operated in 'non living rooms'.
      [ FCC standard = FCC Section 15, Part B. ]



      perfect solution? mechanical filters, with 'motor generator sets' [see my post above.]


      quotes and links.

      google: solar inverter emf limits

      google: solar fcc emf




      cheap inverters, undersized filters, passive cooled.

      further reading.

      solar noise.

      doctor mercola.


      book: Dirty Electricity, by Samuel Milham.

      via 'bookzz org'

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      Viral Infection
      Don't do drugs kids
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      Agree with this message if you think @mila.nautikus has a bolt loose.
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      AC electrics, wifi, WLAN, DVB-T, GSM, UMTS, .... plus LSD.
      agreed. i lost all my bolts, when i landed here.

      take me to your leader, imbecil.

      consent in dissent.
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      As long as I remember
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      Though I think this guy has spent too much time and effort on researching this, their actually are people afflicted with this sensitization. Ask people exposed to extreme radio energy, IE military exposed to radar, communication techs etc. I did a little research on my own but myself am not that well educated on the topic, but I have conversed with several military radio tech amongst others.

      Think of people with arthritis and how their joints ache when it rains. My theory was if you look at the structure of collegen, which is a significant contribution of the materials making up the cartlidge, hair, toenails, skin, etc. it is a 3 strand helical shaped material about 1. 5 nanomater in diameter and 300 nanomater in length. By plugging these demintions into an antenna calculator it gives a good attenuation (converts the energy of said wavelength to another energy) to x-ray, though I am not that well versed in the physics of this and obviously its impedance to radio waves is significantly different to electronics aerials being made of metals. So when it rains if you know anything of atomic structure and forces, as the rain falls passing through the air it is generating static charges, if you account for the number of drops per second you can see it is in the billions or even trillions of passes of one plane per second, giving us our frequency for our joint's to attenuate these electrical charges.

      Another comparison would be Microwaves, they just send radio waves in such a fashion that it causes water molecules to attenuate and vibrate causing "friction" and in turn heat.

      Originally I had gotten onto this idea from shark fishing, and it peaked my curiosity on how they could sense blood in the water from so far so fast, the electromagnetic sensors of a shark are cartlidge points in their heads exposed to the water and join to a jelly type material essentially creating a capacitor that tells their brain when electrical activity is present. Though, sharks are sensing the electrons being taken on or given off of the Covalent bonds being made or broken by means of contact with the water, now freshwater is not a spectacular conductor of water, sodium chloride, or salt as we know it is exceptional at it, so when these electrons are removed or added the shark is able to detect this displacement instantaneously as is the nature of electron flow, unlike radio waves which only move through the air, not push or pull like electrons.
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      How can u measure ur T level?
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      I am not 100% sure but I have read several people say that you can use white noise to train your brain to not hear the T, the jist of it was to turn on whitenoise just until you cant hear the T, then turn it down until you can just hear it, over a few weeks your brain will ignore the T, I have just started this when I am in bed, hopefully it helps. Though I think if you have hearing damage and you end up having to turn it up too loud, it could probably do more damage.

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