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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dr. Martin, Nov 19, 2014.

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      I've lived the past years as a redeemed man to 17 years old but I'm losing my steam because I was brutally assaulted. Also nothing has been done about it. I plan on suing them, but before then I can win this over. A full recovery is alright, I've been told. However it's contradicted when I read I will experience it for 20 years. I was attacked with an electroshock weapon in the head by a damn punk. I wasn't drugged so this is not a ringer and I have told the police.
      Distressed I turn to none other than this forum for their advice.. I am on the precipice of something as big as shutting down the school district.
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      september of 2013
      So far I think a hearing aid would help... but its only going to develop over years giving me no peace, I think.
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      Welcome to the forum @Dr. Martin
      I hope there is some justice in this world. Not sure where you’re from or the laws there.
      I'm sorry to read about the assault that happened, that's like assault with a deadly weapon, imo. I hope you have a recovery and find full retribution in this serious matter.

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