2018 Brought a New First Drug to Deal with "Migraine" — CGRP Class

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      Migraine is not just a headache

      Btw, I contacted the journalist behind this video from Quartz. You should too on Twitter! Let her know @mrubez why Quartz should make a video on tinnitus and hyperacusis. It's a news channel with over 300K subs and she's got few followers on Twitter, so definitely big chances of her seeing it if a bunch of us contacted her.

      Migraine is a disease (not migraines, which most people experience) and it's similar to tinnitus. Invisible 24/7 condition that can disrupt life and make one very frustrated with pain. Underfunded, yet popular. And 2018 brought the first class that actually works for migraine.. unfortunately CGRP's only work on 20% of patients. I believe this may be one day the case for tinnitus. A drug will finally come out that can cure tinnitus that works for some people. And it will lead to new drugs. By November 2018, 4 various CGRP drugs came out and 3 of them were approved by the FDA.

      Medicine is far behind Technology. This revolution should've taken place decades ago, and if it did, we'd all be cured. But one day Medicine will catch up. It's slow because of politics and regulations and all sorts of stuff. There's a wonderful video I can post that explains this sort of with Peter Thiel and Eric Weinstein.
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