23, My On-Off Experience with Tinnitus

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      Hello everyone, nice to be here. :)

      Currently, I'm 5 days into my second suffering of the T, after being ridden of it for 2 and a half months.

      It started on March 24th this year. I (used to) listen to music at very loud volumes, because it helps/helped to write stories (you can't really write a dramatic scene, when you've got parents yelling to each other about 'poo and bums' and whatnot, now can you?). Actually, I don't remember if I was listening to music when it started... On the evening of March 24th, I started looking for the source of this high-pitched ringing. Eventually I found it: in my own damn head, and it wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. So I gave it 2 nights to **** off, which it didn't.

      On the 26th, I went to see a Doctor. He suggested it could merely be the changing of seasons, and I got prescribed some nasal spray. When I got the spray a few days later, I neglected it. I couldn't understand how spraying my nose was going to help. Obviously I wasn't as desperate to be rid of T as I am now. But, after about a week or so, the T just stopped. For a good 2-and-a-half months.

      I stupidly continued to listen to extremely loud music, which WOULD make my ears ring, but never seemed to bring back the T.

      On this week's Monday morning, June 17th, I woke up with it again. I hadn't listened to loud music beforehand. I hadn't heard it the night before. Now it's back again and I hate it with a passion.

      Maybe the Doctor is right; that it IS just 'seasonal'. On both occasions of getting it, it seems to have just come out of nowhere. Desperately hoping it's only temporary again.

      Sorry for the tl;dr ('too long; didn't read :D). I'm just happy to know that I've got somewhere to talk about my T now, though. If it's permanent, this forum will be like my new home.
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      Noise exposure?
      @ThunderCurrie At any point in your conversation with your doctor did he explain about Tinnitus and noise exposure? Was the Doc an ENT?
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      I don't quite remember what he said, but he was a GP. He syringed out my ears with water, told me to take the nasal spray and said it could be an allergic reaction to pollen. That's as much as I remember.
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      @ThunderCurrie I really hope your T goes away soon!!!! Hopefully it is "seasonal". I have chatted with people before here on TT that have intermittent T due to seasonal allergies. I hope yours is temporary! Keep us posted!

      Glad you found us here on TT!! This has been my "home" since I discovered it last year. Great people here on this forum, with solid support and information!! :)(y) TT is a great resource! It's a place you can come to where people actually get what you are going through!! Something comforting about that. I thought I was crazy before I found TT!

      Wishing you peace and relief!!


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