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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Fangen, Feb 1, 2016.

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      Hello guys,

      Tomorrow is my 3 month anniversary with T. Honestly it feels like a lifetime ago my T started. The first 3-4 weeks felt so long, each day could have been a week for me.
      T isn't gone, it's not more quiet, I had a spike a month ago that set me back in my habituation. Took me another few weeks to make peace with the sound of the spike.
      But here I am again, feeling well and feeling happy again. Life is not a walk in the park, you will encounter difficulties and obstacles no matter what you do.

      T has changed my life yes, I get scared of loud noises and that it will hurt my ears more. But it has also taught me to not let small issues bother me, to appreciate the good moments I have in life and be happy for the things that I do have. I might hear an extra sound in my ears, but I still have lots of others things that are working well and beside the noise, I am healthy. T has brought me closer certain friends, made me realize that some of my friends aren't real friends when they don't even give you a text to see how you are when you told them how bad you've felt over T. It has brought me closer to my other half, he has T too. Even if he doesn't understand sometimes why I feel so bad, at least I know I am not alone. When we go to sleep and I hear my ringing, I know that he hears it too. But he falls asleep in no time anyways, going on trips overseas and not let it hinder him to live his life. So that is what I am doing too. I live like I have, taking precaution where I should and can, but I have stopped to listen for the noise. I can hear it when I go to sleep but it's just a noise that kind of fades in the background now. Almost that I'd feel weird without it, even if silence would have been a miracle.
      I try to what I love, because if I stopped my life would be miserable. I think a lot of people here feel bad and sad over T, but if we all tried to live our lives like we want, then I think many of us would be much happier.

      Maybe I am just lucky to have gotten used the noise? Maybe I have it mild (I don't know since I can't compare mine to yours)? I don't know. But I suppose I want to feel shitty about T all day, but it won't help me at all. Why would I want to live miserable in my own thoughts when I know I can be happy too? I feared the worst and it hasn't happened anything that I painted it out to be. Stop worrying. Make peace that the past is now the past, and that you can only do what you can with what you got today. Don't go and wait for the T go away, if it does then I'm happy for you, but if it doesn't, I can promise that you'll be just fine anyway.

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    2. baz 22

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      Thanks for your post, made me feel a bit better and to stop worrying over T.
    3. Zora
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      1st time: Megaphone ;2nd time: headphones too loud
      great post!
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      noise et al.
      Inspirational, especially the final para. Cheers.
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      Not sure, but kind of don't care anymore :)
      You know, this is beautiful. I was so worried about travelling overseas and stuff. I am supposed to go to London this year and it made me so scared, but now it's like pffft. Whatever, I don't even hear it when I'm outside or at the gym or in a restaurant unless I focus on it and listen out for it. Yea, sure at night and the mornings kind of suck but then when I start talking to my husband or when I'm getting ready for work it kind of disappears.
      You know, I started thinking of that too this morning (it's just an extra noise). I can still hear everything else going on. Like right now, there's a dog barking next door. Doesn't bother me. Who knows!? This might go away, but I think if we accept that we have this condition for life, it makes things easier in a way, I am the youngest of 8 siblings, 5 of them have tinnitus and my mom has it. My boss and a couple of friends have it too and they all live completely normal lives and have never mentioned it to me ever before until mine came about. It's not a big deal to them. They might even have it worse because they hear it everywhere they go!
      Anyways, I'm right with ya sister! I think as soon as we accept what we have, we start to live again :)

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