3 Months and Counting

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      Acoustic trauma
      Hi everyone, first time poster here, glad this place exists. It’s coming up on 3 months since my head exploded and I have a searing hot frequency screaming through my ears that flares and intensifies at any kind of “s” sound or bags crushing of silver wear clanking.

      It’s excruciating and doesn’t come down much. The frequency is always there, waiting to electrify my nervous system.

      I’m a professional musician, been around loud volumes on and off for 30 years. 3 months ago I bought some high end studio gear and heard a super high frequency coming through the headphones. Being a bit OCD and having just spent a lot of money, I had to find out where the sound was coming from. I did this for a week or so subjecting myself to the same sound over and over.

      At some point during the process my head exploded and I fell into a nightmare.

      Since then I’ve seen 2 doctors, and ENT, had an MRI (which came out fine) and was referred to a neurologist.

      Long story short, my life has been a roller coaster of emotion, helpless to do anything about this electricity searing through my ears and brain, hoping each morning that maybe it will be gone only to find it the same as the day before.

      I’m devastated.

      Any kind words would be appreciated, it’s kind of psychological torture. Thanks guys.
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      acoustic trauma
      Your right when you say its psychological torture. Its also ok to feel the way you do about it, your not being weak or pathetic about, it just is simply a living hell to suffer with it and can be truly devastating.

      Has it got any better at all in the 3 months?

      The way you describe it is very similar to how i would describe it also, but you sound as though you may be suffering with H as well. Which means you should research everything you can about how to treat it. It does usually go away though. The T is a law all to itself there just is no way of predicting what will happen. Im roughly 3 and half months in and while the noise itself has died down considerably my patience is beginning to run thin. Every morning is like dealing with depression i.e. not this again, please anything but this again.
      Iv had so many ups and downs in the 3 months sometimes iv thought it was gone, must be about 10 times now iv thought its gone, its over and been really happy only to realise later its not gone at all. Im just trying to take it as it comes now and trying to accept it. Which at this moment is a battle I'm losing. Im just telling myself that time will sort it out, or sort me out, because it just is what it is. Hell.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Here we have empathy for what you are going through. Most of us went through nightmares, yes psychological torture indeed, especially when T is new. Three months are still considered relatively new. Have you been able to mask your T to give you some break from it? I agree with above poster that your description points to some degree of hyperacusis. H is difficult to deal with but it tends to fade away within a year for many people. Usually when T is very high pitch and from acoustic trauma, H will follow but then it can fade away slowly. I have had both ultra high pitch T & severe H so I know what you are going through. Don't panic nor despair. Give it some time. Try read up some success stories, especially from those authors who have both T & H, like what I had. Here is my success story. Check it out if you have time. Take care. God bless.

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