5 Weeks in. Not Entirely Sure of Cause. Any Options?

Discussion in 'Support' started by andrewk, Mar 4, 2016.

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      Hey everyone!

      Unfortunately, 5 weeks ago, I learned that tinnitus can actually be a chronic condition. I thought it could only annoy you for a minute and then go away.

      Anyways, I'm 5 weeks in and trying to figure out if I have any options to increase my chance of recovery. I have a very high-pitched ring in each ear. A year and a half ago I attended a super loud rave for 45 minutes and then got outta there. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that it only takes a few minutes to cause damage. However, my hearing returned to normal within a few hours and assumed I had made a full recovery.

      5 weeks ago, I realized I had an annoying ring in both ears while wearing headphones. I learned the truth about tinnitus, and I became very scared. I'm still not sure what brought it on. The only noise exposure near then occurred while I was in a music store. Someone was working with a ladder and it made a horrible squeak while I was standing right next to it. There was a shooting pain in my left ear and I lost hearing for a half a second. Only annoyed, I went home. Two or three days later is when I noticed the ringing. My friend had come over that day and played loud music for a couple of hours but it didn't seem too loud.

      5 weeks later the ringing is still there strong as ever. I don't notice it in most situations, but it is affecting my sleep and my ability to enjoy my new headphones.

      I visited two ENTs. First one said there is likely damage in the cochlea even though my hearing test 0-8khz is normal. Second ENT said it'll probably go away since there is no hearing damage.I am aware hearing damage can occur above 8khz,

      Is there anything I can do? Does anyone think it's a result of acoustic trauma from the store? Should I try getting into the AM101 trial? I only have fainting spells once in a great while (3 times a year), so I doubt its Meniere's, though my aunt has it.

      I appreciate any guidance you can offer!
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      Meniere's Disease
      Your ears are telling you they are not happy around loud sounds and this has caused tinnitus being around loud sounds.
      You need to protect your ears in future with sounds above 80 db or risk the danger of more damage.
      Your ears should settle down a bit and become your base sound and over time it might go away or come and go .

      Tinnitus can spike with stress and anxiety so try stay calm and keep low sound on around you to help.

      Sound therapy at night can help by playing natural sounds through pillow speakers set below your tinnitus.
      Your brain will work hard to listen to the lower sound you have chosen and will help your brain adjust and not see tinnitus as a threat and filter it out over time.
      A bit like the ticking clock you don't notice over time or motor on a fridge or freezer........
      Keep posting for support ....lots of love glynis
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