6 Months In... (My Experience and Current State)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Aug 12, 2016.

    1. Mario martz

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      Hey Guys, have you might notice.
      i've been around this forum for 6 months already...
      since my Onset (February)
      i Must admit that my tinnitus has been mostly Mild all this time. ( i had t only in my left ear)
      with a few spikes, ive been able to see that sugar, salt and MSG spike my T.
      so ive been able to avoid them and have days with almost non existence tinnitus.

      best days have been when i have a 0.5 out of ten in volumen.
      and those days when it has spike have been a solid 6 (at its worst)

      Sound is mostly a pure tone i can perceive when covering my ears, and sometimes a hissing.
      those day where from some reasons its louder have been no longer a problem since i have habituated.
      and sleeping have not been a problem.

      this week marks my 6 months in.
      and im afraid things might get worse (just when i thought they were getting better)
      for the past week... t has been very present, like a hissing but louder lets say a solid 5.
      there is no apparent trigger for the spike, the only i can think of is that might be i have wake up during my sleep for a few days, (due to possible sleep apnea)

      yesterday my good ear suddenly behave very weird, suddenly i lost some audition or got block... and then a low pitched sound appeared, then after a few seconds it went away and audition came back.
      but i think i can perceive tinnitus now in my good ear too (wich doesnt make any sense since i have taken care of my ears since onset and i have avoid loud places) i even avoid going out much and when i do, i only go to the mall, to the park or quiet restaurants.

      also have some degree of sensitivity to sounds, and i didnt have this a few days ago.
      So... i dont know why it feels like after 6 months of improvement...things are getting difficult this week.
      inn your experience...
      is this normal? is just tinnitus acting up? is it getting worse just because?
      i know its hard to answer but it would be lovely if someone had a similar experience and now is doing better.
      thanks :)
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    2. billie48

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      not sure
      These are spikes and setbacks that are quite common among recovering members. I have multiple times of such occurrences in my 7 years with t. Initially every setback or spike triggered fear and negative emotions. But with time and repetitions, and with the knowledge that this can happen to most recovering members, then I got less worried about it. I decided to pursue life's happiness regardless of spikes. I went fishing, gardening, hiking, dancing, singing etc. Nothing is held back spikes or not spikes. I treat the spiky days as if I were a driller handling a loud drill w/o ear protection (quite common in the 3rd world and yesterday I even saw a few drillers working w/o ear plugs on the local skytrain project, go figure). Yesterday I also went fishing and caught my first king salmon of the season amid a recent spike when my ears also got more sensitive. But the heck to T. I learned not to cave in to this T bully and it can go to hell while I enjoy a bit of earthly heaven spending time with nature. The 1.5 hours of drive with the wind noise and the excitement of a large king salmon at the end of the line just buried T for the day and I could hardly pay attention to the 'bugger', lol. Don't worry and don't empower T with negative reactions. It will get better. Try to do some relaxing things and get good sleep. I have sleep apnea too and those days when my nose was plugged and my face mask didn't work well, T can go through the roof. So sleep deprivation is a sure fuel for a loud T day. Take good care. God bless.
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    3. Path Maker

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      This succinct little phrase is great. It works for me!

      "Don't empower T with negative reactions." <<-- When I read that, I thought of a cartoon beast that gets bigger if you feed it bricks of negativity into its mouth. And if you DON'T feed it?? It just withers into a tiny small deflated thing in the corner of your otherwise beautiful day.

      Great phrase, @billie48

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    4. Mario martz

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      Thanks guys!
      great example @pathmaker
      and i agree @billie48 i have had my nose blocked these past days and ive been waking up in the middle of the night a few times and this spikes my t.
      sometimes i think my T is sleepapnea related...

      thank you guys, im feeling much better :)
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    5. Mario martz

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      Happy to report that im better :)
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    6. Simon Williams

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      How things now.. Mind started the same time as yours... AND I get spikes...

      Please feel free to message me..

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