6 Weeks Into Tinnitus Due to a Myringotomy Procedure

Discussion in 'Support' started by s@35, Feb 20, 2020.

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      6 weeks
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      Hi, I’ve had tinnitus for 6 weeks due to a myringtomy procedure I had done while I had a middle ear infection. I also have it in my right ear due to the steroids given to restore my hearing where it’s more of a Morse code sound that’s much more bearable.

      But over the last week or so my tinnitus has been changing. The level in my bad ear has gone down but then it spikes and moves to the top of my head and sounds like crickets with a hiss sound in my ear. I’ve noticed when I put my head on my pillow that the ringing or same tone seems to be in my good ear now. I have no hearing loss in that ear only the left and it’s a mild loss not to noticeable.

      Has anyone experienced their tinnitus moving to their better ear only for it to not be as severe?

      I just started taking a turmeric supplement last week as well as a magnesium and ginkgo and vitamin c and elderberry here and there.

      I’ve been struggling with anxiety tremendously to get get used to having this and I find myself constantly listening to it which I know doesn’t help. I’m a busy 35 year old mom and it’s interfering with my ability to be at my best daily. I look normal my family thinks I’m ok but it’s to the point I feel physically ill from the stress I’m having far more tough days than good.

      Thankfully I’ve always use a white noise machine so I have no problem falling asleep it’s the staying asleep that it tough sometimes.

      Thanks and I’d appreciate any tips or support on what has helped you to manage.
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      Born with it
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      Worsened Dec 2016 by headphones
      Yes, when I developed a new sound in late 2016 it was originally confined to my left ear, then in a few weeks also appeared on the right. But it's a lot quieter there and isn't always present. It stayed this way ever since.

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