6 Years with Tinnitus, Almost 3 Years with Hyperacusis. And Also Other Big Problems. I Need Help.

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      2011 - Gaming on headphones. 2020 - Severe by breaking glass

      I'm 19 year old guy from Poland and i'm scared about what future will bring to me.

      Tinnitus is not my only problem, along with that i have hyperacusis and offtopic to Tinnitus related problems, pain in my genitourinary system for 2,5 years now (for now we know that according to cystoscopy it should be interstitial cystitis). This mix really annoys me and have very huge impact on my life. I have also some kind of visual snow but my mind filters it effectively and when i don't think about it i'm not noticing it. Bonus is morphea to be clear with all of my diseases.

      Frequency of my Tinnitus is hard to describe, it's some mid range of Hz mixed with some higher range of Hz and it's changing to higher frequencies depending on my mood, what i eat or if my ears experienced something loud during the day. Right ear is worse than left.

      It all started on August 2011 when i took off my headphones after playing a game called Crossfire and i heard noise in my head (i don't remember now on which frequency it was back then). I told that to my Grandmother (i was on holiday there at the time) and after that we went to private laryngologist. After the doctor checked my ears for earwax she literally put me away and told that i can't have THAT problems on the age of 13. My prescription was to wait for it to fade away (and as you can mind, it doesn't). I lived with it for 3 years without any problems. It wasn't really a problem so i think it was just barely noticeable. In i think the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 it started to raise (doctors says that it’s not connected to experimenting with drugs at this time… I know it was stupid but 15 year old kid don’t know what is bad and what is good and can be easily manipulated by bad people) so i was scared and here's the start of my real, hard, struggling story and time. I started to search for any other cause than acoustic trauma and i found nothing, i have 2 folders of my documents from variety of hospitals and doctors. Meanwhile at the end of 2014 i've started to develop hyperacusis

      and in the middle of December i was at hospital with ultra very big pain in my testicle. They gave me antibiotics and after few days according to my little pain relief they excerpt me from the hospital with antibiotics to take at home. After a week my pain again raised to ultra big level and i was losing my mind, i came back to the hospital and they gave me other antibiotics or bigger dose of them. It helped me to some level and then again they excerpt me from the hospital with antibiotics. I was taking them for a month i think and after that i went to follow up visit at the hospital. They said that they don't know the cause and i have to search on my own or live with it. I've started a war with that and I’m still fighting. (as of 04.08.2017 we found that this can be interstitial cystitis according to my cystoscopy results. We will begin treatment for it shortly, directly to the urinary bladder so it can’t affect my T and H). [/offtopic end]

      Meanwhile at the beginning of 2015 my Tinnitus raised in my right ear after my stupid drunk cousin was about to hit me and he slam the door (all because he can't plug in the speaker and i was busy at the moment so i told him to wait a few minutes lol. From this moment i have a big abomination to alcohol and all of drunk people). I heard immediately a high pitched noise in my right ear and i was really worried about it because i knew that this will affect my tinnitus for sure. I went to the hospital the next day (it was 22-24 when it happened) and they prescribed me some meds for better blood circulation (so again they put me away with meds that don’t do anything…). Because of this event my right ear have really worsen tinnitus than my left ear and bigger hyperacusis. I tried rTMS and it didn’t does anything to my T. I’m gonna try ARC therapy by Kinetic but I’m really scared about it. What if after listening to some noises for several months my brain will start to play them by himself? For Hyperacusis we tried diet and exercises to develop high level of BDNF protein and it does some good things for my Hyperacusis, but I can’t do any exercises and 100% of diet anymore for now because of interstitial cystitis (it’s in worse condition than it was when we started exercises). I can’t even sit in my chair so now I lie in bed for the most of the day (it’s the best position for urinary bladder when you have problems with it).

      Today I went to my local shop for water and you know what? Several months ago I was there without any problems, and today I was really scared because it was louder than in the past. I feel that my T, especially in my right ear got worse after that accident.

      Maybe I win with IC in the future because there are some options and I have very good respected urologist but I really can’t imagine to win a war with T and H. I can’t do things I like and love and I’m really tired now because of it. In Poland most of the doctors don’t know what to do and HOW to deal with patients (when you tell someone with T that he can’t do anything, he goes crazy), the famous IFPS can only give you TRT and nothing more. I’m trying with Kinetic but that IC really prevents me to do in 100% what they want from me to do in order to try to fix this. They also told me that i can use headphones and i fell guilty now that i used them to play CS for almost a year i think. idk if it worsen my Tinnitus but i'm scared again about headphones. (i was good enough to play in a team and it was my dream to start semi-pro career. ofc. Tinnitus along with H and IC take it away from me.)

      I don’t wanna live like this, it’s a horror. You can’t do anything, you can’t do what you like and what you love, you have to be alert all the time 24/7 for any loud noises, 1 bad decision and your Tinnitus along with Hyperacusis can be worse.

      And what about my future? How you can be productive when you have to be aware of loud noises all the time? How you can be productive when you got random tinnitus spikes for a minute and you don’t know why? Anyone also have that random high pitched spikes during the day?

      How you can work with people when someone randomly shout something and you already lie on the floor because of the loud noise? How can you focus on your work and on study when your life is in the state where everything is going to collapse.

      I’m losing my youth because of T, H and IC. It’s a fckin joke.

      Maybe not only my youth, but also the rest of my life.

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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      I'm sorry that you are facing all of this at a young age. I went through similar situations and it's tough. As negative as the situations seems, there is always a positive hidden in it. You just have to dig deep and find that positive buddy. It's not easy and I know how you feel, really do. I been through HELL from the very beginning in life, you just have to be brave and move forward in this life...
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      Hi my friend it breaks my heart to read this from somebody in your age. I can only advise you to let go off headphones and never use them again! Also remember to avoid loud noises. What is loud noises? Well, surely not everyday sound, so do not overprotect your ears it makes H worse! Remember this. And since your tinnitus got better after the first onset, it sure will this time too. Remember, people are different. You will habituate or the suffering will fade again. This is for sure, so keep also in mind that tinnitus isnt a disease, but a symptom. And forget not TIME is your only friend, with time things will get better either way. May God bless you and keep you safe always.
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      Welcome @Snake. I'm sorry to hear of your tinnitus. It is a difficult affliction, but there is hope. Look through the success stories. People do recover and habituate. You will only lose your youth if you let it take it from you. Don't let it. You can get through this. It does not have to ruin your life.

      I found this site helped me find the pitches that I hear. Hopefully it will work of you as well.

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