70% DMSO — How Many Times a Day for Neck Pain?

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Mathew Gould, Jul 13, 2019.

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    1. Mathew Gould

      Mathew Gould Member Benefactor

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      Neck/Jaw misalignment
      Anyone use DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) for neck pain? How many times each day can you apply the 70% gel?
    2. Mandalay

      Mandalay Member Benefactor

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Hi Matthew,

      I'm also using DMSO, but never heard of a gel. That's probably because I'm based in Germany.
      Well, 70% seems a lot, the percentage seems very high, but I'm not sure.
      You can check on DMSO websites if the percentage is ok.

      I only drink it and drinking it, one should use only 15% DMSO.
      So for ex. one glass of water and a teaspoon of DMSO.

      Your skin has to be really clean before you put on the DMSO, because DMSO goes directly into your body and takes substances left on the skin with itself.

      And don't forget to never contact DMSO with plastic.
      DMSO would take substances out of the plastic and would transfer it into your body.

      And it should be used only once a day.

      Besides that I guess DMSO is really good for healing,

    3. GoingGrayy

      GoingGrayy Member

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      1220hz/1275hz - middle ear pressure/suction
      Have you noticed any effect of DMSO on your tinnitus, positive or negative? And if so, what kind of tinnitus do you have? Thanks!

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