8 Months In from Tinnitus Increase, Losing Perspective and Confused

Discussion in 'Support' started by shasta0863, Feb 16, 2016.

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      So long story short my original T of years 8 wen't up from a 10 second...yes, 10 second loud noise exposure of a wood saw outside my room. Supposedly a 110db machine, but I wager since I was 1) Asleep when it hit me and 2) in a condo where front area makes a echo that it probably increased the db level. This happened in June of 2015.

      Well, for months it was hell, still is, but there was major ups and downs in fluctuation. Frequency a bit to intensity changing. Then about jan. it leveled out a little. 3 weeks ago I had to move and a day beforehand my T was feeling better. The loud high pitch in my left was down and I really only heard the static like sound. I could tolerate it much better in quiet environments. After 5 days or so of moving, I was still ok. Since being in new home for last few weeks, it's changing. Getting worse again. Frequency and intensity changing. I don't know if it's because there is a dog next door with a high shrill, extremely high freq. burst of barking that sends my ears over the edge (everyday I get hit for a few seconds before I can cover my ears as it comes into front area 5-10 feet from my window) because my window has to be open to keep it cool (no AC). My right ear now has a higher pitch I never had and for some reason it's back to where the mornings/afternoon sound a bit lower, and night it gets bad. During my move and a week or so into the new place I actually had consistent T all day and night.

      I'm FURIOUS right now. Why, why is it doing this. Shouldn't the damage be over and the T stay somewhere? Or is this f-ing dog ruining my ears? I don't know, I just can't stand going back to being worse again. I'm losing it with these false improvements. I don't get how this change is happening again.
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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      I don't know the answers, sorry but I empathise. I had really stable T, no H. Then I got hit with surgery, anxiety and medical negligence. H crept in, following by chaotic spiking cycling T. I also dared some trips in my daughters diesel car at the height, and my neighbours had an extension, every drill, hammer, door bang etc etc wrecked my head. It's 10 months now, things are improving slowly with all manner of vitamins, minerals, relaxation, noise desensitisation.
      I am not near my old T self but I believe it can come, but you will have to tackle each issue bothering you one by one.
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      Sorry to hear. Yeah, I'm just lost on why it's not balancing out. Even now I just hurt my ears earlier by dropping pot in sink and I'm almost deaf feeling in left ear and T just wen't up 50%. It's bull shit, that can't be anymore than 90-95db for a split second.

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