A cold and loud tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Penelope33, Feb 3, 2014.

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      My 2nd cold with tinnitus, this is the worst since my first cold and tinnitus is bad this time . Really hope it dies down as it's roaring :-( I was doing ok aswell, getting on with life .... Seems since September and the birth of my baby, spinal leak, blood patch, then tinnitus, now colds and t spikes.... What more is there?! Ughhh, I truly am exhausted from all of this. Tinnitus is crazy. I never dreamt in a million years that this would be me today. So sad.
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      I know what you mean Penelope, i thought i'd just get old and then things would start wearing out, just like both my parents, but not to be ... i'm just shocked that something has gone wrong with me, as i've always been in good health, i was lucky in that respect, so just like you i'm so sad. x
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