A German Product Sonosan for Tinnitus

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      progressive tinnitus, time of expiring in next 3-6 months


      Hearing needs energy. Just like each muscle movement, each nerve impulse or each line of thought, “hearing” requires processes consuming oxygen and energy. The required basic materials are supplied to the acting cells via the blood vessels.

      In addition to selected plant extracts, Sonosan® econtains many important vitamins and vital substances adding specifically to the cells’ supply. Due to the unique combination, the ingredients can complement usefully and support a harmonising effect on the complex interaction of perception of sound and impulse relaying within the inner ear.

      L-arginine is a natural amino acid in the body that can add to keeping up the health of the vessels. Under the influence of arginine, the thin blood vessels can widen and thus support microcirculation.

      Coenzyme Q10
      Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance involved in all processes of the body that deliver energy. In addition, numerous intra-cellular repair mechanisms are known that allow cell regeneration with participation of coenzyme Q10, e.g. after increased stress load or overstimulation.

      Cytrilan® complex
      The Cytrilan® complex that was especially developed for Sonosan® is a combination of natural citrus and palm fruit extracts with a high level of valuable secondary plant compounds. Flavonoids, tocotrienols, and flavones participate in numerous processes of the cell metabolism and in regeneration of sensitive cell structures.

      Magnesium and zinc
      Magnesium is an element important to the regulation of the nerve functions. Magnesium also plays a central role in cell membrane construction and energy production. Zinc is another essential mineral that adds to neutralising cell poisons and enforcing the important cell protection, e.g. in overload situations.

      Schisandra extract
      Schisandra is a cultivated plant mainly growing and known in Asia. The extract has been appreciated in Chinese medicine due to its vitalising and balancing characteristics for over 2,000 years.
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      (Health) Anxiety
      I checked some German websites about this product.
      It is just another diatery product, but as useful against T as anything else.
      Save your money.
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      I've been on everything here except l-arginine and schisandra. Technically not Cytrilan either, but I took a course of bio-flavonoids. It's tough to know what's helped and what was just the effects of time for me, but I'd suggest if you're thinking about this, try to find a good Chinese medicine practitioner. They can evaluate your for problems with "balance" and recommend herbs. You might ask about schisandra.

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