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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Fenas, Dec 30, 2014.

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      Hey everyone,
      I have this unwanted T for 2 months now and it is still really hard to stay positive when i hear the noises above the sound of the TV. But i have a little succes moment i wanted to share. I noticed when i'm busy working on something or doing something what makes me happy lessens the T. Or it is because i don't pay attention to it probably. So i gues it can go uphill from this point, at least that's what i'm hoping. But i noticed that you have to stay positive so i'm gonna try my hardest to do that.

      Wishing everybody a happy new year!
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      Keeping busy and staying positive is key. The difficulty comes when you're trying to relax, but it is doable. It's great that you have learned this so early on and hopefully you're improvement will continue.
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      I agree. Keep active, busy and positive. By being busy, particularly being busy with things you are most interested, you distract the brain from paying attention to T. By being positive and happy in doing things you love, you become more relax and so there will be less stress. The less stress, the less loud T becomes. While your T is so new, you are making great progress. Congrats. A new T may fade or disappear. So keep up the hope and positivity. Take care and God bless your recovery.

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