A Simple Message of Hope

Discussion in 'Support' started by here2help, Mar 3, 2014.

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      I joined this board to join others in bringing a simple message of hope.

      No matter who you are or what you have been through; whether you are strong within yourself or feel very weak; no matter how scared or anxious; no matter how singled out you may feel; and whether you are alone or surrounded by your family and friends, the chances are in your favor to turn the table on tinnitus.

      This is true whether your tinnitus is very loud “mega” tinnitus; whether it is “reactive” to sound; whether it is unpredictable or constant; or if it contains one sound or many.

      There are many ways to knock tinnitus down to size. Some tinnitus sufferers do it by themselves and some need a little help. The passage of time and an open mind can be powerful allies.

      You are going to be fine.

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      Thanks @here2help
      I really needed to hear this. Mine is somewhat reactive and multi tonal. I am 4 months in from onset due to intranasal lidocaine solution. I am still struggling so much with this. I am hoping that it fades with time.
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      I'm feeling just like you...Over 4 months, and tho I feel I'm coping better I'm still struggling day to day. I had a very bad day on Friday and ended up in tears. I live by the motto "One day at a time"!
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