A Small Improvement in My Tinnitus After Taking Vogel's Plantago

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bakes, Oct 19, 2018.

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      Though I joined this group a few years ago I've only posted one message because I've found it's best for me not to keep talking about or reading about tinnitus so I don't really follow the group either - apologies therefore if the following is very old news!

      But I felt I ought to mention the following in case it helps others as I think it has helped me.

      My partner recently had labyrinthitis which causes dizziness.

      Someone mentioned a remedy for that which might help him called Plantago, which is a Vogel remedy that you take in water ie 15 drops of the remedy in water a couple of times a day (no idea if other people make it but assume so).

      I'd never heard of it before that. It is supposed to be the only thing that can 'reach' or help issues in the inner ear. When I looked it up I found it was also mentioned as being a possible help for tinnitus.

      I gave it a try. I'm very cautious about recommending things. But I do believe this has dampened down my tinnitus a bit. I noticed it pretty quickly - 12 hours after the first dose, so that might mean it either works well or is just a coincidence! I have had severe tinnitus in one ear for more than 20 years and more recently a different type completely has started in my other ear and that has started to get louder in the last few weeks.

      I have only taken one dose (15 drops) a day. When I forgot to take it for a few days my worst-ear tinnitus seemed to be louder than ever. So I've started taking it again and it's gone back to a more dampened level. I've never tried any other remedy. And day to day in all the time I've had tinnitus it has been relentless.

      This is the first time I've ever felt it was less loud. If it was 100 per cent loud before. I'd say it's now 75 per cent, just to give an idea of how much it has dampened to. Better than nothing.

      Anyway, that's my experience, hope it's of use. Bakes.
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      Thanks for taking the time to share this and glad it has helped you.
      After realising a cure is unlikely I think most of would welcome a 25% reduction.
      Vogel are a great company and make top-notch products so it should be safe.
      May give it a whirl.
      Hope today is a good one !
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