A Thought (Marriage) I've Been Worried About

Discussion in 'Support' started by demi, Feb 4, 2014.

    1. demi
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      As my relationship goes on, the more marriage is brought up. I have expressed my concerns about having a wedding reception with my T. It's truly something that makes me want to cry, I always wanted a large wedding...and now with T - IDK if that is possible. I'm scared to think about the wedding reception being too loud. Music should be played, but I cringe at thinking about worrying, on what should be one of the best days in my life.

      My boyfriend just says that maybe there will be a treatment in the next few years, but what if there isn't? Do I just put off getting married? Do I not have a reception?
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    2. Stina

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      I dont think your life should be on a stand-still because of a health problem. The good thing about a wedding is that you can design it any way you want. Music doesn't have to be loud - you can speak to the band or maybe have just an acoustic guitar, maybe the piano. A lot depends whether you use speakers and how loud they are. Otherwise you can just wear plugs:) I dont think that if the noise with music and people is between 90-100 - reduction 25 with plugs is going to be dangerous. You should carry on doing the things you like despite having tinnitus. With good protection and careful planning you can have any wedding you want;)
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    3. Amelia

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      I totally get where you are coming from. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and I'm already worried about the noise level at their weddings ... That far down the track :(
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    4. LadyDi

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      While I understand your worries, Demi, I totally agree with Stina. Your life should go on regardless of your tinnitus. And being the bride, you'll be the one in control of the environment. And you already have the most important thing needed for a perfect wedding; a man who loves and supports you, tinnitus or not.

      I already am thinking about what kind of party I want for my 60th birthday, which is about a year and a half away. And I intend to have music, dancing and lots of people ... tinnitus be damned! :beeranimation:
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    5. Luca

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      Sounds like a quality relationship to me!

      Then have a large wedding!

      Then play your favorite tunes! (at reasonable db levels)

      I think he is being supportive by being uplifting!

      Good point. There probably won't be. BUT that is no reason to cancel the wedding. You should totally have a reception!

      The sound of life & love is louder than tinnitus! Happy planning. :)
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    6. carol kane

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      Don't worry about that Amelia ... you'll be cured by the time those days come ... and you will have a blast at both weddings ...
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    7. pef

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      Wear flesh-colored foam insert earplugs. You can trim them so they do not attenuate too much.

      Then drink a lot of champaign, enjoy your wedding, and make wild love with your new husband later that night.

      Don't let T stop your life.
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    8. Grace
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      I was worried about the same thing.. Except not my wedding but my sisters... She loves her music loud and i kno that reception is gonna be blasting loud music lol but i guess all i can do is plug up my ears the best i can.. Get drunk as hell and have a good time.. And if the next day i wake up with it worse then i kno i did the best i could and ill know i had a great time. And since its a wedding its something i really cant get out of.. Like concerts and stuff i will avoid no problem but my sisters wedding is a special day.. And your wedding will be special so you can adjust the music to your preference and still have an awsome time :) andd i think in a couple years SOMETHING will be out for us then the final cure not too long after!!
    9. yonkapin

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      Of course you can still do your wedding, and you can do it proper. Just take precautions and be wise - get some musician type ear plugs so you get maximum protection while still being able to hear everything without it being muffled. Don't let the music get out of control, loud is fine but people go way overboard and some DJs/bands will just max out into the mixer and distort everything - get people that know what they're doing and tell them to keep things reasonable. You could even go super classy and get a string quartet or something instead, that way you avoid amplification, but it's just an idea if you're super stressed about the music - it's all up to you! Anyways, point is that it's very possible for you to still be able to do the wedding exactly how you want to, just be smart!
    10. seal

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      Why do you worry about your OWN wedding? It is the one wedding you get to decide how loud the music will be played and what kind of music will be played. Just chose a sound level you are comfortable with and wear a pair of musicians ear plugs with filters if you want to protect yourself even more!

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