A Tinnitus Spike After Using an Otoscope to Check for Earwax Build-Up

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sam Marksmen, Aug 27, 2022.

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      Good evening all. I've been using an otoscope to check earwax build-up of my ears.

      Last night I looked in and saw some earwax and was able to nudge it with the tip of the probe (tapered as to not go in so much). I do now notice a small red spot where I maybe touched the ear canal and that might be where I'm getting my current tinnitus spike from.

      I'm hoping it will settle down but I was wondering if others have used an otoscope and if touching the side of an ear canal is a bad idea?

      Otoscopes seem super helpful, except for the tinnitus spike! They even have curettes but I couldn't get out the earwax in one ear, it was kinda hard, so I'm using olive oil to soften it up. Handy tool!

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