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      Wow .... do I feel good !!!!!!!! Tinnitus, ya.. when I think about it, when I listen for it.. it's there. It has been for forty years. Only lately, like a month ago, did it really get serious. Of course, I've had my spikes through the years. ANY ... WAY. Enough about me.
      Yes, I feel GOOD. My wife noticed today. ...among other people.
      I'm 'treating' my body to combat my symptoms of tinnitus. I take it very seriously.
      I'm really tired of thinking about my ears, my neck, my sinuses, my sleep.. etc.
      In my opinion... Tinnitus is a whole body problem. Worry, anxiety, sometimes panic, fatigue, social withdraw, insomnia, and of course .. the root of the problem, the damaged hair cells themselves.
      This is gonna sound like an infomercial here.. it's not. It's me, Terry, aka I Who Love Music.
      Imagine changing your life and your level of perception of T, and maybe the actual T itself. I don't want this to be a long boring post.. I'm trying to keep it short. Here it is.. I'm not lying when I say the Body-For-Life program is already working wonders on me. On Me - I am my body. Tinnitus is part of me. This great way of eating and exercising changed my life 14 years ago and through the years I've repeated it a few times. It's a 12 week program. But it taught me to never again ignore nutrition and exercise. This is a special program. I'm about a week into it and am, again, in awe of the great results of short but intense exercises, and good nutrition, lots of water, and a free day, and that's it.
      I'm tackling my tinnitus problem with a vengeance and action. I cannot ignore T any longer. This is why I'm taking action. Body-For-Life sucked SERIOUS migraines from my body in the past, as well as a bunch of other problems. I've made a goal that I will not notice my T in 12 weeks, BUT, if I do, it'll be 25% the annoyance level it was. And today, I can say, after ONE week, it's down to around 60%!!!!!!!!! I don't know if it's a lower volume or my perception. I don't know. Lots of other things are different too after only one week. Wow. I remember how completely different, stronger, happier, and totally healthier I felt the last time I did the program and life is sure looking, and sounding good.
      Some people, like me, do the 12 week thing and then go back to basic walking exercises or whatever, with a new view of nutrition. Some people do the 40 minutes of exercise every day for the rest of their lives. Whatever works I guess.
      For those interested, I suggest getting the book.
      There's a website and another very informative website called Why The Body For Life Program Works written by a doctor.
      The program boils down to this-
      6- small meals a day. Small balanced meals of protein / carb / veg.
      1- 40 minute session of exercise on an empty stomach, a day. Upper body on Mon, Cardio on Tues, Lower body on Wed, Cardio on Thu, Upper body on Fri, Cardio on Sat. Sunday is a Free Day, no exercise, eat anything you want.
      2- glasses of water with each meal.
      Weekly goal setting .... and achieving!!
      What does this have to do with Tinnitus? Everything. Every single cell gets healthier. And here's a warning - you'll change. I already feel it coming.
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