According to My ENT I Am a Unique Case

Discussion in 'Support' started by RonT, Oct 15, 2015.

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      Today I had a meeting with my ENT and he quite shocked me.

      He is a Professor and gives lectures at the university and he told me that he never had a case like me.
      I have ear spasms that sound like thumping, like the sound when you smash your car door hard, but then very fast after each other.

      After reading on the internet I thought it was ear myoclonus and hold on to that.

      He said in all his academic career he has never had someone with these symptoms...

      Ok so this is it for me then if he, the no 1 doctor in Holland, says I have no more hope in any recovery or treatment.
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      I just translated in English how i described my symptoms to him ,
      rapid muscle vibration
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      I believe that the best t clinician in Holland is De Ridder, I don't know if he is still there though.
      What I do know, judging from a couple of lectures of his on YouTube, he'd probably suggest cyclobenzaprine in your case.
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      thanx for your reply !
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      I'm not sure whether it is is better to be the one case that is different where there is something physically going on that a doctor can see and thus pay attention to or be like most people where everything looks "fine" on the physical exam.

      To see Dr. De Ridder, I think you will have to go to New Zealand:
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