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    1. OddV

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      Ear Infection
      So, I've noticed when I have a beer, my tinnitus goes away for a while until the body gets rid of it, and then the T comes back (sometimes louder).

      Alcohol suppresses glutamate production, yes? And this is what AM-101 and OTO is suppose to help with. So, question... Do chronic sufferers experience this with alcohol? Would it be a way to find out whether or not it's still in your ear vs. moved to your brain and thusly, whether or not a drug like AM-101 would be of help to a sufferer?
    2. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      Doesn't help my T really, just helps me relax.
    3. RicoS

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      Stress or Acoustic trauma
      I cannot stand alcohol cause in my whole life I think I had 3 beers in total :rolleyes:
      The moment I take a sip of alcohol I fall a sleep :D

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