Advice on Stressful Hearing Problems — Cochlear Hydrops Developing into Meniere's Disease?

Discussion in 'Support' started by meemil, Nov 8, 2019.

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      I'm 21 year old music producer/audio engineer and been going through some hard times. Last year, after moving to a big city for studies, I experienced a sudden hearing loss in my left ear without any noise trauma or anything. I promptly got to a doctor next day and got a regime for prednisone. Hearing recovered about 95% shortly after which got me a bit relieved. Two weeks after that I got something similar in my right ear this time, but it lasted only 1h and wasn't too bad at all.

      Ever since, I've had these hearing loss episodes in my right ear, though they were getting smaller and with longer periods without problems. I had whole 4-5 months free of trouble in spring/summertime when I moved to my parents' place for summer job. However, I moved back to the big city this autumn and had another bad hearing loss episode in my right ear with tinnitus which took about 6 hours to recover. My hearing is back to normal right now.

      My ENT thought it's cochlear hydrops. I agree with that, but reading about it on internet tells me that it's going to become Meniere's sooner or later. That's unacceptable this early on my life and pretty much everything relying on hearing & music. Is there anything I could do in this situation?

      Thanks so much!


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