After Several Years, Tinnitus Now Causing Pain?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JC1859, Aug 29, 2014.

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      Hi, all,

      I've had Tinnitus for about six years. Started off mildly, then three years ago got a lot worse, but I manage it. When it got a lot worse I believe it was because of trauma to my ear. ETD kicked in at the same time, but passed. In addition to my Tinnitus being louder I also noticed I had much greater sensitivity to bass. Recently I bought a new TV and it has a speaker that produces bass. I watched a film a few weeks back, bass on, and ever since my ears have been in pain, on and off throughout the day. I've been waiting for it t subside, taking great care to not introduce my ears to any loud noise, but it hasn't gotten any better. Any thoughts, please, guys? What it may be, any solutions? I have to go to the doctor next week about something unrelated and may ask to be referred to an ENT.

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