After Work I Come Home & Collapse

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Quiet please, Dec 31, 2015.

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      It's the same day in and day out; low energy and sadness. I try to keep the T under control at work as best as I can. My co-workers all think I'm an introvert now. Once I get home, I basically collapse. I've spend thousands of dollars on this condition looking for a "cure" or even just to make it stop for a while. It's feels hopeless; but I know I'll continue to try. I'm sad because I used to be a happy, active person; now I'm gaining weight and want to stay in bed when I'm home. I only leave the house to do basic errands now. I can't go to the movies, a busy restaurant, sports events, etc. because T took that away. As you can see; today is a bad day; maybe tomorrow will be be a better day and I can really say (& mean) Happy New Year!
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      Welcome and I truly wish you Happy New Year!!! Tell T to take a ticket and wait in line while we try to enjoy the festivities. That is what I had and have to do at times when my T is off the chart.

      A few years back I was floored by ultra high pitch dog whistle T plus severe hyperacusis. My T packs with so much energy of pitch that it cuts through most things on its spiky runs, even above the jet noise on my last 3 flights, and above the raging rapids of the salmon river I fish. It is like a dentist drill with 10 times the pitch. My H used to turn all normal sounds piercingly hurtful. Then awful and relentless anxiety and panic attacks ruled my days a few years back, triggered by T & H, as I had been suffering anxiety and panic disorder for decades prior to T & H. I was grounded to my room for a long while as all noises scared me. It was 'hell' on earth for me back then and I often thought I would never recover and have good life again.

      But never say never. Today I live a normal and absolutely enjoyable life, travelling freely, fishing, gardening, dancing and singing. The heck with T high or low. I have challenged T & H and dared them to regain my life. I learn to live life positively, 'finding joy amid the pain'. I booked and went on a cruise amid a panic attack just to not cave in to T & its gangs, whatever they are. I gained my life back one baby step at a time. Now I don't give a dime to T, high or low, and its tyranny over me is over. I wrote my success story and listed many points which have helped me to turn around my life. For brevity, here is the link to the story, and I include the most read success story by IWLM and his simple, effective method too, and Jade's story whose T is above the heavy trucks she drives, plus the 'Do Nothing for T' success story. Don't lose heart and don't despair. Try your best not to fear nor cater to T. I have learned to not tip-toe around the bully. T is beatable if not curable (as yet). Happy New Year & God bless.

      Jade’s success story with super loud T, louder than the 800-tonne truck she drives:
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      Sudden profound hearing loss in left ear.
      A warm welcome to the forum! I am sorry that tinnitus has altered your social life so much. I suffered a sudden and profound hearing loss in one ear in 2013 and tinnitus became a part of my life. Initially, I would come home from work and eat dinner and go straight to bed, just like you. Sleep was (and still is) my only escape from the noise.
      I had to give up playing music which was a huge change to my social life. A decades long hobby gone! I had to accept my new normal and adjust my social life accordingly. I am not looking for a cure any more and I don't expect even one minute of silence at any time in my future.....ever. I do go out with friends and family, just not as often and for shorter lengths of time. I figured out that being in restaurants and those kinds of places will not kill me, even though my tinnitus does flare up more around sound. For me, the key has been to strike a balance between isolating in silence and occasionally going out into the noisy world. My brain prefers silence but my soul prefers being with people.
      Can you get together with just a few friends to play cards or something like that? Maybe invite a friend or two over for dinner? I am just trying to think of ways you might be able to socialize without all the noise. I sincerely wish good things for you in 2016!
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