Ajahn Sumedho — the Sound of Silence

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Rod McDonald, Dec 29, 2013.

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      I suppose I am lucky in that I used to do a bit of meditation before. I have noticed my tinnitus dropped a level after meditation, really focusing on the sound and 'breathing into it'. I think the tinnitus level is the same but perhaps I notice it less? I noticed this article from Queen Drummer Roger Taylor. The story tells of a visit to a very good doctor, who trained him to mentally beat Tinnitus. I believe the two methods have similarities.

      I developed Tinnitus after lack of sleep and depression ( my mother passed away, and I did not take care of myself as best as I should have ).
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      Hi Rod,

      Meditation in general and noticing the tinnitus in particular did help me quite a bit in the beginning too which is why my handle on this site is "Observer".

      I have habituated to a certain extent but meditation does help me cope with it on bad days.


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