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      May 23, 2014 I flew out from Toronto to Amsterdam while having both ears infected as sometimes occurs when I catch colds. 10 minutes or so after ascent, this awful pain started in my right ear (now, prior to the flight my left ear kind of already hurt then opened up and the infection got better but the right one was still blocked). I panicked thinking theres no way I can tolerate this shit for an 8 hour flight so I remember getting up to walk to the bathroom and as I headed to the back of the plane, there was a pop. My ear drum ruptured I soon as this happened I was in constant relief as the pain subsided and for the most part I was fine for the remainder of the flight.

      First two weeks I was in Europe, I experienced some hearing loss and ringing (in both ears I think but mostly the right, problematic ear). Ever since then, the ringing has stayed in my ear (right). I feel like it has gotten more noticeable though in the past few months.

      Here's another weird sidebar.

      I saw this family friend who does biofeedback therapy (she hooks you up to this machine they use in NASA apparently, which can do miraculous things like detect undiscovered problems with your body etc). A day or so after seeing her for the first time is when my T got noticeable - noticeably worse with more peircing high pitch ringing. When I went back to her of course I was like yooo you made it worse! and she laughs saying it's ok she can put it back to how it was. So I sat back down attached to this machine with ankle, wrist and a head strap. She basically did put it back to the tolerable ringing level it was at.

      She also gave me this polish oil "olejek pichtowy" which when I googled, discovered:

      Oil of fir

      Recommended for those prone to colds and upper respiratory infections, and for people who have contracted colds.

      Oil from the young shoots of the Siberian fir is obtained method that guarantees the purity of one hundred percent (100% Oleum Pini Sibericum). Intended for internal and external (inhalation, rubbing). Already allowed for children from 4 years of age. Contains natural antibacterial and antiviral. Prevents and supports ad hoc treatment of colds, coughs, upper respiratory tract infection, strep throat, flu, colds. Reliably strengthens and protects the body in times of solstices and weather changes. Relaxes and relieves headaches. The most efficient in the use of internal. .

      Fir oil is action:
      - Anti-inflammatory
      - Regenerating
      - And soothing

      Fir essential oil is effective against:
      - Upper respiratory tract infections
      - Colds
      - Influenza
      - Rheumatism

      - - -

      In the past week, it's starting to intensify again.

      I understand alcohol makes it worse and as a 23 year old living in the city, it's frequent in my lifestyle and this isn't exactly going to change any time soon.

      Today I was also shown this mudras hand movement thats supposed to help:

      Press down middle finger till it touches base of the thumb. Do for each hand. For chronic problems, u must hold it for 45 minutes daily (if unable to do this at one go, to break it up into three parts, 15 min each). To be held anytime other than 2 to 6 am in the morning.

      has anyone had success with this or the oil of fir?

      Anyways, Glad to be part of this forum!
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      I too had infected ears and was flying, not sure if its related to my T. Good to know.

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