Almost in Tears to Actually Post My Tinnitus Success Story

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Paul10, Jul 3, 2022.

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      I haven't been on here in a very long time, but I logged in on a whim and it's hard to believe how far I've come.

      My tinnitus is still there. I used to get dread beyond belief when I read others say that. I used to think "what if that's me?!" but honestly, until you've gotten through this journey, you can't comprehend what that means. I'm not saying I don't get bad days, or that I can guarantee I'll not fall back and go back to square one, but right now, I'm doing good. It's unbelievable to say that after how I was. I won't go into detail, but 99% of folks reading this will not have experienced anxiety and depression as I have. I don't say that condescendingly. I have my own situation, which I always thought (and sometimes still think) "I am literally the only person on earth who is in THIS situation", and if you feel like this, maybe I also suffered what you suffer from.

      But I just wanted to write here that you WILL get through tinnitus. I'm a grown 30-something year old man and I felt genuinely emotional seeing this forum after these past few years. I remember the sheer horror I lived in. I am NOT pushing it on anyone but I am a Catholic and prayer really helped me over time. But no matter who you are, you CAN and WILL get through tinnitus with TIME. Time, time, time will help you. It might be a year, or two, but it WILL get better for you.

      Please remember that for most, playing the tone of your tinnitus on your computer will make it go away for a few seconds. I have several tones but it's a mental plus just to know.

      Melatonin helped me with sleep. Beta blockers have recently helped me with anxiety and panic. Diazepam is good to have in your pocket, just knowing there's a bit of an "out" available, but I wouldn't recommend at all taking them often. Just carry them in your pocket and know they're there.

      There's really nothing I can say in general though. I might be back here in a panic someday, who knows, but I continue to pray, and continue to let tinnitus just be there. It's not an enemy anymore. At least not right now. And no matter what in life you're going through, and how much you think "yes, but I'm much worse because NO ONE else has X/Y/Z that I have", I'm still here, and if I can do it, you can.

      I might not be back here, I might be back in a panic, but - God willing - I'll just keep carrying on, and I really want all of you to know you will get better. All the best!
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      Thanks for posting. I love reading the success stories. Of all the potential "cures" I've read about on this forum, there is one that sticks out more than any other. Time!

      This is definitely a mental game. We all have different sensitivities, but I do think the key is being positive and supporting each other and motivate each other to plow through it. Don't be scared of it. I'm not better yet, but I'm mentally ready for the journey. Knowing it's my brain going haywire helps me concentrate on "mind over matter." Over time I will learn to ignore it or maybe my brain will heal in some way. I'm determined to use these positive stories to help me.

      Thank you!
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      Gradual hearing loss + a huge amount of stress
      I agree, one thing that's been helping me a great deal is this: start accepting what I have. Once I started accepting it, I switched from fighting and dreading it to "merely" being annoyed by it. Nothing mere about it though, my bad days completely knock me over by the evening. But I get up the next day and resolve to accept.
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