Alternative to Ultrasonic Scaler — Avoid Tinnitus Spikes

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Joella Drury, Nov 12, 2016.

    1. Joella Drury

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      Age/ Ear infection
      My name is Joella and was diagnosed with tinnitus following an ear infection 5 years ago.Having spent a small fortune on Doctors, Specialists, Ear Clinics etc, what they know about tinnitus could be put on the head of a pin with room to spare for the Declaration of Independence. My ENT specialist gave me an arbitrary ratng of 7 out of 10 for the level of sound, ability to cope, stress levels etc and told me "learn to live with it". Mine is 24/7 and spikes in time of stress, in times of happiness, anytime really. I have learned to accommodate this constant noise in my head (sounds like an ocean in good times, jackhammer at others) until last week. I go every six months to have my teenth cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner -usually no problems ( I wear ear protection which does not help with the bone conduction of noise). Last week following the procedure the sound spiked to 100 out of ten. With no sleep at all, noise that was louder than anything around me and fear that it would not reduce I was in tears, shaking and frightened. I also was told I had two cavities.

      I went to another dentist for a second opinion to be told no cavities (if there were I would have had my teeth removed - no drills) and he suggested that I see a DENTAL HYGIENIST . This person can clean your teeth MANUALLY - takes a bit more time but NO NOISE. After returning to the ear clinic to have my ears cleaned (i do this every six months) seeing my gp to get sleeping tables (never had these before) and booking an appt with another ENT specialist (he has tinnitus) the sound finally abated this morning to its normal level.

      My experience is that these spikes do abate to normal levels but you need to reduce the anxiety and stress that accompanies this. I am hoping that some time in the future we will not be told to " learn to live with it ". All the best fellow sufferers.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum @Joella Drury. You are so right that most spikes will return to baseline after some time, some short and some longer. But they return to baseline for most cases. Glad that yours have abated. Thanks for the positive post to remind other T sufferers to remain calm and positive during spikes.
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      Dental work

      I had exactly the same thing happen to me at the beginning of this week. Yesterday, after wearing earplugs, I realized I must have had a little bit of T going on before my teeth cleaning procedure (though, I cannot tell for how long). The ultrasonic scaler jacked that up a thousand fold. It's quieted down now, and I've started taking a corticosteroid to prevent further damage, and, hopefully, heal as much as possible the damage already done.

      No more ultrasonic teeth cleaning for me! And I will advise everyone and anyone I meet (if dentistry were to become a topic of conversation) to only stick with the manual cleaning process.

      Hope you're doing better.
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      Hi Joella,

      Welcome to the board!

      Actually, I went to my dentist this past Saturday for a cleaning. The RDH cleaned my teeth both manually and with the scaler. She complained I had a lot of plaque build up so I went out and bought a Sonicare today. Anxious to see how it works. During the procedure, I did not experience a spike. My mind was elsewhere as I was concerned about my oral health as I also see a periodontist to control my gingivitis. Then yesterday for lunch, I was eating pizza and bit some hard crust the left side of my mouth, where my remaining wisdom tooth resides. Now I am paying for it! Ugh, it never ends. And tomorrow I start a new job! Timing is everything in life...

      As for ENTs, they only know what they were taught in medical school and during clinical practice. Believe me, if one of them would have tinnitus, they would be Googling like crazy. You know how it is in life - everybody for themselves.

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