Am I Just Weak or Is My Tinnitus Too Loud? Struggling

Discussion in 'Support' started by joe e, Jul 27, 2019.

    1. joe e

      joe e Member

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      April 2019
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      Unknown, woke up with it
      I'm so scared.

      After nearly 4 months I'm really struggling.

      Life completely changed.

      Am I just weak, is tinnitus too loud?

      Feel like I'm losing my mind.

      Please forgive negative post, wish I were better.
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    2. MarkX

      MarkX Member

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      March 2019
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      I'm almost 5 months in and unfortunately feel the same as you. You're not weak. Tinnitus is a monster.
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    3. glynis

      glynis Member Benefactor Ambassador Hall of Fame

      England, Stoke-on-Trent
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      Meniere's Disease
      Dear @joe e,

      Tinnitus comes in so many sounds and strengths and we each have our own tolerance level so you are not weak.

      Tinnitus invades our life ,ears and head and can be mental torture for some people.
      Your reaction to the sound is normal as it's not normal to hear the sound.
      Tinnitus is caused by a few ear problems and hearing loss and anxiety and infections are top of the list.

      Finding out what can help you is the key.
      Positivity, hearing aids, medication, sound therapy, stress reduction are a few tips.
      You are not alone on here and around the clock support on here is only a click away.

      love glynis
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    4. PeteJ

      PeteJ Member

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      acoustic trauma?
      Mine is too loud. Or so loud. I don't know how to express it anymore.

      I am just letting you know other people here think their tinnitus is so loud or too loud. It's awful and I honestly don't know what to tell you.

      I can say I am annoyed when people tell me 'other conditions are worse.'

      For my personal experience, nothing is worse. My perception is that I can make these conclusions: 1) I have hearing loss. 2) I have ear pain. Jaw and dental issues. I have something like TMJ, Bruxism. 3) my brain is malfunctioning and defective. Tinnitus is said to be a result of neurons misfiring. Something is wrong with the brain.

      4) tinnitus sounds and noises vary and is objective. But, it's a mystery why it will 'sound' a certain way and pitch and volume level is what bothers me. It's too high. I think it has led to most of my other problems including my jaw. It causes anxiety even when I am sleeping.

      It's a mystery of why tinnitus changes in nature include new noises or pitch/volume changes. What exactly is happening?

      5) acoustic trauma was probably the trigger. My life is worthless now.

      6) the severity is too extreme. Nothing can be done but people will tell me to do things or actions because they don't know what else to say.

      No one knows how to react when someone else is in misery. All parties feel helpless. This life is not worth living when tinnitus is like this.
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    5. dayma

      dayma Member Benefactor

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      You are not weak! If you are struggling with your Tinnitus it does not matter what level / loudness it's at. You are struggling with it and that's the bottom line.

      I do not have a magic answer for you on how to deal with Tinnitus. For each of us it seems to be a very personal journey. My advice it to read some of coping mechanisms and things to try for your tinnitus and hopefully find something that helps you.
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    6. Harley

      Harley Member

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      You are not weak.
      You are struggling with what is quite possibly one of the worst conditions in existence.
      It's your body's natural reaction to being tortured round the clock with no relief.
      There is nothing wrong with you for wanting it to stop.

      I know it"s not much use to you right now, but you have the support of people who understand exactly what you are going through here.
      You are still very much in the acute stage and there is still a chance it might improve a bit down the road.
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    7. Contrast
      No Mood

      Contrast Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

      Clown World
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      late 2017
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      noise injury
      Being weak is okay, negative posts are okay. Forget about social norms that praise mental toughness. Mental toughness is an optional life choice, it should not be mandatory. It's okay to be weak.
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    8. Tex

      Tex Member

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      Noise Exposure
      The first few months are the worst. Hopefully in time you will figure out how to cope. Unless you are lucky enough that yours is temporary, you better figure out how to cope. That's all you can do.
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    9. acute

      acute Member

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      Loud music. Stress, meds, Invisalign ?
      @joe e I'm almost 3 months and I'm in the same boat as you.

      This is a fxcking life changer...

      I'm not myself anymore.

      You are not weak. This is a horrible condition.
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    10. GregCA

      GregCA Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      Have you gone down the diagnosis path? Some root causes are fixable.
    11. Harley

      Harley Member

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      Just do not let anyone tell you that:
      "It's not really the Tinnitus, but rather your bad reaction to it"

      If someone tells you that, you punch them square in the face and then tell them it's not the punch, but their reaction to it, thats the problem.
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