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    1. NickyBR

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      Hey guys,

      Longtime sufferer, first time poster :) Ive had tinnitus since i was a child and never really known anyone else with it. I found this forum via a link from my mom (thanks mom..). Like i said ive never really had anyone to talk to about it so it might be nice to share experiences etc.

      Cheers guys!
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    2. Marlene

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      Poole Dorset England
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      July 1996
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      Bacterial virus
      Hello Nicky ,see another mum looking after her young great ,what we do best .
      Hope you find some good advice on TT ,sorry that you need it ,but that's how it is ,non on site want it hey .
      Have good look at the threads ,maybe help answer any questions,you already have .
      Glad your on board . Friendly bunch .
    3. Albert Savage

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      Unfortunately you are not a member of a very exclusive club. There are a lot of us who suffer from T. By the way, where in Germany are you? In the 1970's I was stationed in Germany twice. The first time I was in Berlin and the second time I was in Kitzingen, in Bavaria.

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