An Option for People Who Don't Want to Need Earplugs in Movies

Discussion in 'Support' started by linearb, Jan 22, 2016.

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      It just came to my attention that AMC does special screenings of movies, aimed at people with autism and other sensory disorders:

      Note that part of this is to allow people who can't sit still to be able to move around, so, there could be some distraction involved. Perhaps eventually, there will be "tinnitus friendly films" that are only different in that they are quieter.

      However, if you like theaters but hate feeling like you either need to wear earplugs or take a big risk, this could be a good option!
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      It really is insane how loud movies are. Even the movie theater I went to with my 2 yr old and 0 yr old that was made for children (booths, food you could order, easy to get out when kids got bored) was so loud that I covered my kids ears multiple times. There's no reason for it whatsoever.
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      Agreed. I went to an IMAX version of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens and almost got blown out of the theater. I was wearing molded ear plugs AND industrial ear muffs on top, so I wasn't worried. But I saw kids all around me with no ear protection at all.

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