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      Hi There,
      I just found this site tonight. I've had Tinnitus and I believe Pulsitive T since 1992!

      It all started on a plane ride where I realized I was coming down with a cold and took some meds. Unfortunately, the cabin pressure messed with the meds and gave me icepick pain as pressure changed.
      Both ears were plugged for 3days. The right ear eventually "popped" but the left didn't. I've had ringing in the right ear ever since, and pulsing and ringing in the left ear... feeling of fullness. I've been to ENT doctors who thought Eust. tubes, but all the blowing (while plugging nose), and decongestants didn't help.
      Oddly, I've had a few times early-on where the left ear cleared and everything was balanced again.... not hearing heartbeat and loudness in my ear when I spoke! It was WONDERFUL if only for a few days.... then, back to the same....ARRGH!!!!

      I have to use Ambien to knock myself out at night

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