Another Post to Warn You: Be Careful with Dentists

Discussion in 'Support' started by chaLLas, Oct 11, 2018.

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      Noise Induced (multiple acoustic incidents)
      Yesterday, I went to a dentist for a "professional cleaning".

      Unfortunately, I did not search for the stories here before. I took my ear muffs with me since I expected it to be loud, put them in and told the dentists to watch out since I have noise induced tinnitus and moderate to bad hyperacusis.

      Then she started the ultrasonic cleaning. I did not get this before, So I did not know what to expect. It was really loud and I guess my earplugs even aggravated it because of the conclusion effect.

      Also I do not yet notice big changes in my hyperacusis, I had a very bad nigh with tinnitus spiking up and like hell and new sound sensations showing up. I can just hope this is not a permanent spike ... going to see my ENT today to check if I have any further hearing loss from this.

      So this should be another warning for everyone visiting the dentist: please look after yourself and avoid drills and ultrasonic cleaning! Earplugs do not help or might even worsen the situation.
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      Ototoxic earwax drops, worsened by MDs (Muppet Doctors)
      You could consider taking NAC, n-acetyl-carnitine or other antioxidants, or nicotinamide riboside perhaps to possibly counter any oxidative stress from the noise.

      I choose to endure the manual scraping clean these days. It’s a horrible sensation like fingernails down a chalkboard but it’s quiet.
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      Long duration of low audio
      ear plugs always worsen dental work due to bone conduction.

      my advice to everyone with tinnitus is to never do any cleaning with powered dental tools. when I go, I just ask for manual scaling and a good flossing.

      ever since getting T, I have upped my dental hygiene because I never ever want to have to have a cavity drilled, well its always been good, still zero cavities, but I never skip a step now.

      I'll list my regiment if anyone is interested since avoiding the dentist is very important for people with T.

      Keep in mid I'm not a dentist, I don't know squat. Ignore everything I say and run for your lives.
      • Radius Source toothbrush - has long supple bristles that really get in there and covers a larger area than most. stay with soft, hard will lead to receding gums. google proper brushing. 45 degree angle is important.
      • Verve Ultra SLS-Free Toothpaste with Fluoride - SLS free is better on your gums, you don't want detergent. plus its better for the fluoride to get into the grooves of the teeth. too many bubbles makes it harder. also fluoride is important. I've found nothing else that truly remineralizes teeth. I tried non-fluoride for 3 months and stains started forming.
      • Any non-fluoride toothpaste - I alternate between fluoride and non-fluoride to not over do it. day time without fluoride, night time with so it can work through the night
      • Dr. Tungs floss - best stuff ever. learn proper flossing. hug them teeth every day. I prefer after non-fluoride
      • Periobrite - a nice natural rinse after the non-fluoride brushing to kill stubborn germs.

      -If you've got sore gums and it doesn't subside, then try a 50/50 peroxide/water rinse once.
      -If you still have sensitive teeth in general that hurt to the touch, then do a fluoride brushing morning and evening to harden your teeth further. The dentine is probably exposed so its needs to harden.
      -And if you find a black or brown spot on your tooth but it doesn't hurt at all and you see a dentist he's quick to say its a cavity and is ready to drill, get a second opinion. I almost had a drill happy dentist break up teeth till another said its just a stain.

      -and if you do have a cavity and need drilling, load up on at least NAC for a few days before going. And ask them to take breaks.
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    4. Luman

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      Intermittent Tinnitus probably noise induced
      Sorry about your experience with ultrasonic cleaning. I stopped having that as soon as I got tinnitus, now I get a manual cleaning.

      You are right to not wear earplugs when having work done. I learned this the hard way.

      Unfortunately, it is simply not possible for some of us to avoid the drill completely if we want to keep our teeth. I had some drilling yesterday, and my T has spiked. The same thing happened two weeks ago after a dental visit but it subsided after six days.

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