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      I had a cat scan of my neck, ears and head. Everything was fine. I was sent to a neurologist today in case I has intercranial pressure causing the whooshing. He said that I do not have that but he believes that because I have a hearing loss in both ears the ear with the heartbeat sound is hypersensitive to sound to over compensate for the differences in hearing. Therefore I have an increased awareness of the blood flow near my ears. I'm just so happy it's nothing dangerous that I can deal with it. He does want me to take a medication, Lasix but I don't think I will. I don't like to take medication
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      Oh I forgot, I am going to have an MRI to make sure he is correct. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome. Oh well! I think if your tinnitus is not serious, I'd rather learn to deal with it. I actually have had it since I was 16 and I'mm 55 now. Ya' think I've learned!!!
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      Hi, Donna,

      Thanks for updating us on how you're doing. I'm glad to hear that you don't have intracranial hypertension, or any other serious conditions. I think what your neurologist said, that your ear is hypersensitive to sound to overcompensate for the differences in the two ears, makes a lot of sense!

      Good luck with the MRI; you're going through just about the same series of tests that I did. Looks like many of us with pulsatile tinnitus may be in a similar situation. I've often thought that mine was due to oversensitivy in my pulsating ear, too. I hope you'll update us on the results of your MRI. Best wishes, Karen

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