Anti-Depressants and Anti-Anxiety Medications and Tinnitus

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      Do you believe taking Anti-depressants and Anti-anxiety medication when one has tinnitus is wise? i.e. to treat the associated depression and anxiety caused by tinnitus / loss of sleep? Also, do you think taking any of these meds prevent habituation say with TRT / hypnotherapy?

      Also, what medication do you recommend for insomnia? I am seeing the psychiatrist tomorrow. Is Ambien CR good? I tried Zolpidem but i still woke up. I think i need rather slow release version like Ambien CR.
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      Absolutely. Both anxiety and depression are tinnitus 'amplifiers' so these medications can help. Having said that, you and your doctor have to establish what is the right medication for you. There is no 'magic' antidepressant and the best one is the one you can tolerate and at the right dose. There is no convincing evidence that these medications worsen tinnitus, cause tinnitus or prevent habituation.
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      Sorry, I forgot your question on insomnia. Again, the answer is whatever works for you. I find a good combination for my patients long-term is melatonin (5 to 10mg) + diphenhydramine (Benadryl) at 25 to 50mg at night. But, again, discuss this with your doctors. In my opinion - issues about possible dependence are less important that getting a good sleep, especially if you have a long term problem, such as tinnitus.
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