Anxiety and Tinnitus

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      My T all started in November of 2015. I was speaking with my guitar teacher and he explained to me he was having bad allergies and had a ringing in both of his ears, just knowing this for some reason scared me and caused me to have anxiety because T is my worst fear. After feeling really sorry for him for a few days I noticed I had a slight ringing in my right ear. This caused me to have more frequent anxiety attacks at night time and during the day.

      Now keep in mind we do not play music loud, we just play classical guitars so its pretty quiet. This is why I believe it was brought on by my anxiety, which led to louder tinnitus and depression. I was feeling really tired, no motivation, just so down that I felt alone and separated from the whole world. I decided to see an audiologist, there I found that I have perfect hearing and no ear damage, knowing this helped it quiet down a good bit.

      Later I looked up success stories and noticed that each person had a different way to combat their T. I decided my cause was somewhere in my mind; if I could calm down and find out my triggers I could get better. My way of calming down was thinking of how to manage my feeling towards T and avoid anxiety. This pattern of avoiding being nervous has helped it quiet down to where its totally silent. However when I try to listen to it I can bring it back, and it gets louder as I get more scared.

      Point here is, managing the way I react to it helps it quiet down, I don't even need any masking noise when I go to bed. Also I have become more spiritual. I read the bible and pray to God that tinnitus sufferers worse than I can have relief.
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